Six Best Free Writing Tools for a Paper

If you need English help, then look no further than this article! It has in it six of the most commonly used tools to help write a paper. These tools can help you take your work from good to great. Read on to find out how they can do that.


FocusWriter is an app which is almost like having a custom essay writing service in your own computer. It works by blocking every distraction out while you work. FocusWriter makes sure that you have whatever you need at the present moment. Reviewers have said that they liked feeling as though they were working on a simple type writer when using the app. It is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, so anybody can use it.

This app is well thought out. It saves things as you go along, so you can always find the piece of work you need. The user can customise FocusWriter, set alarms and deadlines for their work, and much more. FocusWriter is whatever you need it to be at the time, which can be very helpful. If you are struggling to stay on track with your writing, then this app is the way forward. It can help you to focus more on your work (hence the name).

Story Toolz

Story Toolz is a very good site if you want to improve your writing. Initially, the site was for paid members only, but it has changed to free usage. This site is primarily for fiction writers, as the front page offers a number of different buttons leading you into areas for cliché busters, conflict generators, and more.

Anybody can use the site just by clicking on the different buttons and pages. People who want to use the site more frequently can create a log in. This log in allows them to continue to hone their English writing skills while at the same time saving their ideas. A log in makes the site truly interactive. This can be a huge help to anybody who is struggling with their writing. Story Toolz is a site where you can bring everything together under one digital roof. This will make finding your work and piecing it together much easier. This will in turn help to improve your writing.

Essay Map

This writing software is becoming increasingly in recent years. Writing in a particular way has become very important in all stages of education. This site helps students learn more effectively. One thing you should bear in mind is that the site is quite messy. It can be difficult to find out where to go until you are familiar with the site and how it all fits together.

Essay Map – Read Write Think is a huge interactive site which benefits everybody. Teachers can use it to teach concepts and ideas. Students can use it to practice those concepts and ideas. Essay Map isn’t free writing, but it is a very close second. Anybody who needs help with their writing should use this tool. The best thing about Essay Map is how big it is. You will find everything you need in the site. Look at the FAQs for ideas of where to start, if you aren’t sure what you need to know.

A Research Guide for Students

A research guide for students is quite possibly as close to a free essay writer as these tools get. This site contains everything you need to know to write a good research paper. It covers absolutely everything about research papers that you could possible need. Students can look up the proper way to use search engines, as well as the citation styles for various essay formats. Everything they need is under one website.

Of course, this isn’t automatic essay writing. Students still need to do the writing part themselves. But A Research Guide for Students will be invaluable to you at every stage of the writing process. Before you start your writing process, make the time to look through the site. You never know what can be helpful when it comes to writing. Something might jump out at you that you never noticed before. It could mean that your entire process becomes easier. You never know what you might find.


Grammarly is one of the most well-known writing tools on the internet. Many official writing sites use Grammarly in their own work. Grammarly is an add on which you can add to your to your browser of choice, making it very easy for people to use.

This is the way to improve your English writing! Grammarly will look through all your writing, and flag up anything it sees as strange. This means absolutely anything, as Grammarly is very thorough. Not only does it show you what you’ve done wrong, it separates it out into individually marked sections. You can see what is wrong with your work at a glance. The colours also help when you actively work towards improving your writing. By focusing on a particular area, you will be able to use Grammarly to see if you are headed in the right direction. If that specific colour has disappeared from your Grammarly report, then you know that you are doing well.

A Dictionary and a Thesaurus

While apps and programmes are very useful, a dictionary and a thesaurus will always be the way forward. I always turn to them for help. They may not help me write an essay for free, but they can definitely make my writing better. Learning how words are defined, and what words I can substitute for each other is always worth knowing. Spelling is obviously hugely important when it comes to essay writing.

Dictionaries and thesauruses are available in hard and soft copies. You can carry an Oxford dictionary about in your pocket now because of its availability as an e-book or website. In many ways these are the first tools many people use to improve their writing. They are good choices if all you need is some help with spelling, definitions, or word association. This is why so many people use Grammarly and other sites. Still, if all you need is some help with words and spelling, then a dictionary and thesaurus are your best friends.

These are the Best

There are other tools out there to help with your paper writing, but these are the best. If you want to improve your work, starting here is your best option. They range from the simple fix to the complicated apps. You can try any of them and see a result.

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