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Street Art Manifestations in Web Design

When creating something unique, it helps to look for inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Web designers have been looking to the streets for ideas for some time, and when they weave them well enough into their conventional designs, they create masterpieces.

Now, this art form has not always been appreciated. For the longest time, street art had been thought of as street artists spraying their name or vulgarities onto walls get the attention of fellow artists. That is not all there is to it. It is mostly beautifully chaotic murals sprayed on ugly walls to give them a new lease of life or realistic, liberal images to send a message that the capitalist world is trying to suppress. When you really think about it, graffiti is disallowed because of its rebellion: the utter refusal to conform to the norms.

Is Graffiti Different from Street Art?

You might think these two are one and the same, but Lois Stavsky, who is a curator of street art, begs to differ. Traditional graffiti is based on words artfully sprayed on a wall and other places to stand out. They are also unauthorized, which is why most artists – who are usually talented but untrained – will be out doing this quickly before the authorities catch up with them. These artists use tags on their art, and so mostly their work is egoistic.

On the other hand, art street is based on those words from graffiti, so it is fair to say they inspire each other. The artists have also gone through formal training, and their work is usually commissioned. More often than not, this form of art is used to send a message to the masses in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Now, with these differentiations, you may be wondering; is graffiti art or vandalism? Graffiti, as we have seen, is unauthorized, which makes it vandalism as artists work in restricted urban spaces. That said, not all of it is bad since some lettering sends messages of hope or information that needs to be heard. Whether it’s graffiti art or vandalism is determined by the message and authorization. Since most of it is not commissioned work of art, it is illegal, but that does not remove the art from it. So, we agree to it being vandalism of public property, but we deem it to be art.

Formalizing Unconventional Art

Times have changed from when art was known to be of a specific cluster. Contemporary art classes are more encompassing these days, removing limits that prevented some forms from being recognized as so. When you read papers about art and arts essays on websites dedicated to mass education on forms of art, we now can read what really constitutes art. This education breaks down various famous art pieces done by ancient painters and helps a reader see the changes that have happened in artists over time and appreciate that each era has something to offer.

How you can Blend Street Art into a Website

There are a few ways you can use inspiration from the streets to make your site stand out.

Using Chunky Words

Bold lettering is one of the main aspects of street art, and so using large, chunky letters can send this bold statement to your users. This not only stands out, but it also gives the site a minimalist approach since these words are always going to be way fewer than using images. You don’t have to use too many words that could crowd the message. The idea is for the background to be unique and artsy while maintaining the standards of the website.

Images in the Background

Most website designs adopt a layered approach when weaving images into their backgrounds, but using street art allows you to give it a little prominence. You can create some depth by ironing images into the site’s makeup so that it looks more prominent. Most graffiti artists go against the grain, something that makes their work a little different but in a good way. If you are unafraid of your site not conforming to the norms, these deeper images make the background pop. Also, worth noting is that color from paint cans is usually bolder, which works fine for e-commerce or food sites.

Including Human Imperfections

Think again if you believed that paintings have to be picture-perfect. There is something beautiful about an image that intelligently captures an imperfection, which is delivered beautifully by street artists. While they are capable of capturing an image perfectly, these artists know to add something most often that changes the entire image. You can incorporate these imperfections in endearing ways to make your site stand out.

Go Abstract

Yet another unique way of being inspired by street art when designing a website is using abstract images. That unique way of making unreal things look real makes a background stand out so much, and anyone with an eye for art will appreciate it.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Different

Web designs exist for a reason, but nothing is cast in stone when it comes to building a site that works for you and your users. You can go against the grain if only to deliver something that looks better than what is available, and your users will note the uniqueness. Contemporary art is bold and takes risks, so why not try some street wisdom on your designs and see how it works?


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