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Study Web Design and Web Development in the US

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Whenever you are looking up different courses you can take for college, the process becomes very daunting and often frustrating. There is so much to choose from that it just gets difficult to land on something. However, there are certain types of programs that are becoming more and more popular among students. Two such fields of study are that of web design and web development. 

While both of these subjects are different, they are also connected in some ways. They are both full-fledged degrees, not some short courses you can take as part of another program. So, if you choose to study one of them, you should be ready to write lots of essays on various topics, just like you would in other fields. Sometimes, though, it can prove to be difficult to write an essay about web development. In such cases, you can check out some examples of good exemplification essay topics related to your field and get some inspiration. Having access to free examples of exemplification essays means that you will not have to worry too much about finding the right topics or the right research to put in your own custom essay.

But before you go about and writing a top essay, you need to understand more about web design and development. Why should you get a bachelor’s degree in web design in the firsts place? Let’s take a look. 

Why Study Web Design

The power of the internet is no surprise to anyone at this point. We interact with the internet on a daily basis, whether we are writers, researchers, gamers, artists, or doctors. The internet is a treasure trove of information, and websites bring us that information in a nicely presented way. The outlook of these sites, therefore, becomes very important. You can have the best possible information or the highest quality service to provide, but if your site is not laid out in an intuitive and informative way, then chances are that you won’t do so well. 

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That is why website designing in the USA is becoming so popular as a degree. It offers students a chance to become professionals and opens up many job prospects for them as everyone needs a good and competent designer these days to handle their sites. The potential of such a degree from a professional point of view is, therefore, very high. 

Web Design Versus Web Development

A common misconception that students usually have is that both of these subjects mean the same thing. That is not true. Web design education requirements might be very different at times from those of a development program. That is because both of these titles represent different things. While the former deals more with the look and feel of sites, the latter has to do more with the inner workings of the various systems that make the internet run. 

In the former program, you might have subjects like user interface, user experience, graphic design, and some types of coding. In the latter program, your subjects might be more like database integration, programming, and server-side languages. So, while some topics are similar in both degrees, the underlying knowledge you’ll get in both of them is very different. 

Degrees in Web Design and Development

There are many degrees being offered in both these fields. Whether you’re looking for a web development degree online or a degree in site design, you’re bound to very easily find a course that suits you. Like mentioned before, these are competent programs that require a lot of work on your part, unless you are studying a program like computer science and decide to do a minor in something similar. For a full college program in these fields, however, you would have to write essays, take labs, do a lot of research, and show off your creativity from time to time as well. Whether you order a custom essay or write one on your own is up to you, but you have to do it nonetheless. 

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Some of the notable universities teaching web development and website designing in the USA include: 

  •       Boston University – MSc. in Computer Information Systems – Web Application Development 
  •       University of Colorado – MSc. in Information Systems – Web and Mobile Computing 
  •       Lynn University – MSc. in Digital Media Design – Web Design Technology 
  •       Academy of Art University – MA in Web Design and New Media 
  •       Illinois State University – MSc. in Information Systems – Internet Application Development 


If you’re a student looking for some ideas as to what you should study in college, then both these programs are very good ones to look into. A degree in website design will allow you to find very good professional opportunities after graduation. If you choose to study web development, then you’ll get all the knowledge you need about how internet systems work and how they can be improved. At the end of the day, the best program titles that you are interested in will depend on your interests, as every subject can be the ‘top’ subject if you are fully interested in it.



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