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The Best Free Password Managers List

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When signing up for a new account in any software, website, or social media platform, you’re prompted to create a password to ensure your account’s security. Unfortunately, some people tend to choose something easy to remember, to the point hackers have an easier time getting into their accounts! While passwords like ‘123456’ is convenient for you, it’s easy to guess, which risks your data and privacy.

But I understand how frustrating it is to come up with secure passwords and to remember what passwords you do have, especially when you have different ones for every account you have. That’s where a password generator can come to save you!

If you’re wondering what the best free password generator is to create and manage such sensitive information, read on for my top 4 choices.

The Best Free Password Manager List

It might be easy for hackers to get your password if you base it off your birthday, name, hobby, or other common English words you’re heavily associated with. Instead, you can try using these best free password generators to improve your cybersecurity:

1. Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton (by Symantec) has a free and useful password generator, offering various options such as choosing letters, numbers, and/or symbols to include or exclude. You can generate up to 50 passwords with one click with the password generator tool.

Besides this, they have downloadable software to save all your passwords for future use, as they have a special identity safe program. You can access your saved passwords anywhere!

2. NordPass

The NordPass password generator allows you to create new passwords online or offline from the NordPass password management app. It can generate passwords of up to 60 characters long!

You have the choice to use between uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbol, or combinations. The tool also has a checkbox, allowing you to avoid any characters that may be confusing for you.

Like Norton, they have their own in-app generator that allows you to save your password right away.

3. LastPass

The LastPass is another popular password manager tool that can store your passwords in one area without risk. Besides their password management tool, they also offer a strong password generator online, which allows you to create random and secure passwords.

You can save these on the app, if you have it. The app is powerful and offers various features useful in password generation and management. It’s why LastPass is named one of the best password managers available today!

4. KeePass

KeePass is an open-sourced password management program that comes with a built-in password generator. While a bit tedious when setting up, it is very powerful, offering various predefined passwords.

You can generate standard random passwords based on the length and composition standards. However, what makes KeePass unique is that their password generation tool follows certain rules. You can easily customize the password in just a click of a button, whether you need it to include upper or lowercase letters, numbers, characters, and whatnot.

Wrapping It Up

The best free password generators are few, which is why it’s best to do your research before trusting a tool in creating and securely saving your passwords. With this list, you’re ensured strong passwords that will be secured in one tool with minimal to no risk of it being hacked into.

Don’t wait any longer and make sure that your password data is secure with the best free password generator now. If you would like to share your tips and experiences in password management, share it in the comments section below, your thoughts are much appreciated!

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