Top 7 most popular mistakes made by users when creating an online store with their own hands

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Online commerce is one of the most coveted pieces of the pie called an online business. Creating an online store is a natural process for entrepreneurs who plan their business activities using all available marketing tools.

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs planning to launch their business online to decide that developing an online store is up to them. The consequences of precisely this kind of decision are often buggy, overflowing resources – requiring a full audit and further correction of all errors made. Not less often do entrepreneurs themselves take on-site optimization, the result of which is also often obvious.

The popularity of online stores in 2021 is primarily due to quarantine restrictions. Since many businesses and companies were forced to move their entire staff to the Internet – entrepreneurs had to think about how to trade under the ban on offline trade. The solution to this problem was the creation of corporate websites and online stores. The development of web resources quickly became a trend, and before the beginning of 2021, the competition on the market of internet trading increased manifold.

In order to cope with such competition, entrepreneurs had to use all marketing channels, but sometimes even that did not bring results. Low effectiveness of the marketing channels involved, often the result of mistakes made in the design phase of the site online store.  Not all entrepreneurs were willing to cooperate with professionals and therefore took up the development of online stores on their own. Subsequently, such savings resulted in a very unpleasant amount because to correct mistakes is always more difficult, longer, and finally more expensive – than to do it right first and of high quality.

Despite the variety of mistakes made by entrepreneurs when launching their resources, there are a number of mistakes that are repeated over and over again. We will talk about these mistakes today.

The most popular mistakes made by developers when creating websites in 2021

The list of all popular mistakes in the development of websites and online stores is extremely long. We decided to select the top 6 mistakes we encountered most often lately.

So, the top 7 mistakes related to the development of websites and online stores in 2021 is as follows:

 The development of the site with their own hands

Despite the huge boom in online publications’ development, the companies providing such services could not handle all the demand. At the same time, organizations that do not want to spend money on cooperation with specialized agencies – hire professionals from outside. This approach has several advantages, but as a rule, the result of such cooperation became totally unworkable sites.

The fact that even an experienced specialist is not able to cover the full range of web development services. Therefore, to create a real high-quality resource, companies would have to hire a huge number of specialists, whose work would ultimately cost more expensive cooperation with the web studio. At the same time, looking for a “jack of all trades” capable of providing all the services for the development of the site, the online store – the company found only those who are able to create the appearance of work. Of course, there are times when specialists with a huge pool of skills still create high-quality online stores and corporate websites, but these situations were incomparably less than the unsuccessful results.

The brand book

As we said before, many entrepreneurs faced with the ban on offline trading – came to the Internet. Creating and ordering the development of online stores and turnkey websites, many companies forgot about the corporate identity. As a result, the work of specialists became quality sites – in any way not related to the next store or chain of establishments.

Even with one of the most successful stores in the city, the entrepreneur forgetting about the corporate style and its importance – often left without customers. This was due to the fact that even regular customers of the offline store could not find its online version, and going to the site created by the entrepreneur of the Internet resource – simply do not recognize your favorite institution or boutique.

In order to maintain the image of the company and remain recognizable, even among new users, entrepreneurs, before ordering the development of an online store – need to check with the corporate style of their organization. For the image, it is important that the hues, colors, and slogans used on the offline points and their advertising – resonated with the online version of the store. Not forgetting the corporate style and brand book, an entrepreneur can attract regular customers to his offline outlet and acquire a new target audience through advertising and promotion of his goods.

 Spectacular design and lack of sales work

Another common mistake can be called the fanaticism of entrepreneurs regarding the appearance of their resources. In search results, you’ll frequently come across sites with astonishingly limited capability compared to the functionality offered to users. This leads to a low turnover of goods because the tools to motivate visitors to buy on the site are simply absent.

Website design online store and the corporate website are very important elements that are of great importance for future promotion. In addition, beautiful visual design attracts customers. But we should consider that the lack of widgets that sell and site elements that can motivate the buyer to make a purchase – inevitably leads to the fact that the number of sales will leave much to be desired.

To avoid this situation, besides the quality and attractive design, the entrepreneur should also think about the functions for sale. Providing the user an opportunity to quickly find the product he needs in a detailed catalog or creating personal recommendations based on the goods viewed by the user – can become one of the main arguments for cooperation between the client and the store.

Problems with CMS

A CMS is essential for any website, giving the owner the ability to customize, modify, fill and delete pages and site content. In addition, some provide a way for site owners to track the progress of their resources or the content they publish, with all the hospitality of CMS to work with them with the necessary knowledge and skills that are not always present for site owners.

Making their own adjustments or trying to change something in the site with the help of CMS often leads to the complete removal of pages or information on them. In addition, unwanted intervention in the CMS site often leads to a loss of site positions because the published content may not have been optimized before uploading it. Also, the content may not have been adapted for the page, or edits – made to the text within the CMS itself can cause a decrease in its effectiveness in terms of search engine optimization and promotion. As a result – attempts of site owners to intervene in the system led to the treatment of professionals because they could not cope with the error of CMS, not having any knowledge of the principles of their work – entrepreneurs.

In an effort to save money, companies are often taken for the creation of sites on their own. For the choice of CMS, such companies approached from the calculation of convenience and completely forgot about the fact that some CMS show themselves in the promotion of online stores or corporate sites better than others. Despite the use of not the most suitable for the purposes of the company CMS, organizations spent a lot of money for the effective promotion of already established sites. High-quality optimization and promotion helped businesses get their sites to the first pages of search results in most cases, but the cost of such advertising was vastly higher than the cost of sites built on CMSs that were fit for the tasks and niches.

Use of low-quality content

As a rule, the promotion of an online store site starts with search engine optimization. For this, the site owner or team, which works on it, conducts an analysis of search queries in the niche resource, selects keywords, and based on the collected semantic core ordering content. Search engine optimization is a highly effective promotion approach, but only if the material fits all of the search’s needs and parameters. You can frequently find resources on the Internet where the content has been duplicated or slightly modified from the original and published on the site without thought.

One of the consequences of using low-quality content is getting the site under one of the search engine filters. Getting under the filter promises the entrepreneur a long period of recovery of the site and almost no attendance at the site while under the search engine’s filter. As for removing the filter from the search engine, this site owner will need to spend a lot of time and effort. Services capable of removing the site from the search engine filter are worth a lot of money, and therefore the best solution for the company will be not to allow the site to be under the filter. To do this, you need to cooperate with reliable companies about the projects on which you can find information on the Internet and to hire specialists from one of the paper writing services to be sure that the content on the site will be unique and thematic. The same applies to the process of developing the website of the online store.

Not worked out product catalog

The catalog is the heart of internet-shop. It is on the goods users visit such resources, and therefore the problems with the catalog may cost the company the lost customer and the entire subsequent income.

Problems with the catalog can be very different, but the most common are problems with sorting products, the lack of convenient filters, and the division into product types. Users must spend many times more time searching for the goods they require due to the absence of these elements in the online store’s catalog, resulting in a decline in consumer loyalty to the brand. Loyalty is one of the most important parameters for internet shopping because it often becomes the last argument in favor of signing an agreement with a company or buying a product. In order to avoid problems with the catalog for your online store, the entrepreneur should think in advance about how to structure the page as effectively as possible or consult a specialist.

Difficulties with order placement and its subsequent payment

On the basis of the previous paragraphs, we can say that clients in 2021 appreciate comfort and speed the most. Problems with payment and registration of orders are also frequent problems with new Internet resources. The fact is that not all entrepreneurs creating an online store with their own hands understand how to integrate convenient payment methods and how to facilitate the process of placing an order for their customers.

At the same time, by creating a site with their own hands, the owner may make a number of mistakes that will subsequently affect the loyalty of customers. In order to avoid such a situation, the best solution for the entrepreneur will turn to a team of professionals who know how to provide a quality user experience and provide the customer with maximum comfort.

All of the above problems are extremely common on the Internet. Despite the fact that the answer is generally relatively simple, entrepreneurs do not always have the expertise of how to create Internet resources to correct these issues.

In order to avoid making such mistakes – the best solution would be to contact the web studio, which provides a full range of services related to the development of online resources.

After analyzing your site, specialists in the field of creation and promotion of Internet resources can provide you with a report in which your resource’s problematic places will be written. Once all the problems are found – you should fix them as soon as possible, because their presence can dramatically affect the size of the budget. It would be best if you promote your online resource these days.

If you want to spend as much money as possible on the promotion of an online store website – planning its development, contact the professionals. So you not only save your personal time and get rid of the need to study this issue but also secure your future site from errors that may affect its success.




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