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What Content Marketing Can Teach SEO’s About Web Publishing 

The internet is buzzing with various theories surrounding content marketing and SEO. To a non-informed person, this craze can lead to a lot of confusion. However, to be successful in your online business, you need to merge the two. This piece breaks down the aspects of integrating them to ensure your content gets the deserved attention.

What Is Content Marketing and SEO?

Content marketing is the marketing of valuable, relevant, and informative content or material which is helpful to a targeted audience. The aim is to promote the brand and keep the people interested, which increases traffic in the long run. The main advantage is that consistent content leads to loyalty, leading to increased sales while elevating the growth of the business over time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of making your venture, website, brand, or product more discoverable online anytime prospects search keywords and phrases related to your area of specialization. An optimized website or internet page uses this technical approach and takes advantage of search engine algorithms, hence garnering top rankings in the search results.

The Distinction 

Despite both being geared towards driving traffic to a site, there is a difference. Content marketing entails a broad spectrum of tactics focused on attracting traffic to a web page or site, whereas SEO involves tactics to make the content more discoverable on search engines. They more or less depending on each other to deliver the desired results of an internet marketer because at the end of the day, they both depend on the content created, where it is published, when, and to whom.

For maximum efficiency, here are a few things SEO’s can learn from content marketing about web publishing. 

Targeted Audience Approach

Just because a page is the first on your search does not mean it is the best out there. When conducting SEO, many web publishers will focus on creating content that will please the analytics and give them top rankings. This may be good for increasing traffic but the big question is, how many of your visitors can you transform to customers?

If your guess is great, this is what content marketers focus on most. They target a specific demographic in a particular area and create content that will generate the most ROI in that specific target market. When looking to improve your site’s SEO in Atlanta, you need to understand your audience so you can publish content that addresses or satisfies the needs of your consumers. This could mean working with an experienced SEO agency with a track record of delivering real results to their clients. In a nutshell, great content needs to be:

  • Relevant to the target market
  • Engaging
  • Up-to-date
  • Concise and easy to read for your audience
  • Unique and of high-quality

Keywords Creativity

SEO thrives from content with great choices of words to create attention. However, the continuous use of a word can make a piece of content sound monotonous, boring, and spammy. On other hand, content marketing allows you to be creative, so you can have various ways of using the same term within a piece of text. This reduces redundancy and influences people to explore your page. Rather than inserting words for the sake of getting clicks, SEO’s should learn how content marketers create their content before publishing it.

Consistency Benefits

SEO ensures your work gets traffic for a particular time frame. When new or fresh content is updated, search engines shift the ranking to these. If your work was of low quality, it might end up missing on the first page of the SERPs altogether. However, if your page is recognized for quality work and accompanying backlinks, staying relevant is not much of a problem. For this reason, it makes sense for SEO to understand the importance of consistently creating and publishing quality content as content marketing experts do. Continuously updating your site content will help build and maintain authority.

Length of the Post

Search engines do not just rely on SEO algorithms to rank pages. Most often, Google will rank pages using factors such as the word count of posts. In this case, longer pieces of SEO content can get you higher rankings. It can be hard to write a lot of pages if you have no content. Now, imagine a lengthy post with just the right keywords.

Nonetheless, readability is also a crucial factor to consider. This means that if you focus on lengthy posts, you will benefit more by breaking them into shorter segments that make them easily readable and more enticing to the eye. Furthermore, almost more than half of your visitors will do a quick scan of the page first to see if the content is easy to read. Not so many people are enticed by huge blocks of content. When posting on social media, shorter posts that point to the main web page are often encouraged.

There is an overlap when it comes to content marketing and SEO. Finding a balance between the two can have a profound impact on your returns from digital marketing. With the above few tips, SEO’s can be smarter and happier with the results from the web posts they publish.

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