Why Every Web Designer Should Be Using a VPN Service?

These days, working and surfing on the Web using VPN services comes by default. We all know how crucial connection security is. And we all know how to use VPN apps to access the necessary web resources without geographical limitations. It is all well-known. But what about VPN for designer needs? Does it sound strange? Or, more precisely, what is so special in the web designer’s activities to require using it? 

To cut a long story short, yes, web designers are regular VPN users, and if they aren’t – they should be. This job has several features that may cause problems if you don’t care about them in advance. VPN is one of the best cures for those specific issues. It can do more than ensure the designer’s safety on the Web. It can help you improve the quality of results. How? We’ll tell you. 

VPN in a nutshell  

To understand how VPN helps web designers, we first need to recall what this technology is and what it does. 

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. This technology creates a secure Internet connection tunnel and simultaneously encrypts your data. The essence of the technology is routing your traffic through dedicated servers. It masks your IP address, so intruders can’t trace your activities and steal your details. It grants you safe access to the necessary resources from any device. 

Using VPN for designers needs grounds on the specificity of this job. A web designer creates websites. They need constant access to the Web from any location. Next, they work for clients. Finally, they require having a comprehensive understanding of the website performance in different areas and devices. Here the reasons to turn to quality VPN apps rise. 

Reason 1. Clients’ data safety 

If you are good at your work, you will have many clients. It won’t depend on whether you are a web designer working for a large agency or a freelancer. But the clients’ database is a load of sensitive data, and your responsibilities include protecting it. The client’s privacy is the top priority for professionals. 

In this aspect, VPN services will add a significant security level. When you are working online from the device storing some clients’ data, it will safeguard you from interceptors. You can design it on your laptop and switch to your iPhone – VPN will suit any device. There are solutions for desktops, laptops, and VPN for iOS and Android-based devices. 

Reason 2. Safe work on the road 

It mostly refers to freelance designers who can work from any location, including public hotspots. But this aspect is also true for agency specialists. It is normal these days to get caught somewhere on the road with a work-related question. Considering the technical powers of mobile devices, you can even work at full capacity.

However, this is also true if you have chosen to work from home and your home network may not be 100% secure either. Nowadays, many people try to avoid any working processes from their apartments, because they lose motivation working from home after the pandemic. Currently, many methods are being developed to effectively increase the level of motivation of such employees. Design workers are actively included in this cohort.

Assume you need to check the website performance on the Web urgently. Or, you have to refer to the work materials stored on your office PC/laptop. With the smartphone, it won’t be any problem, especially when you are using a VPN for your phone to set up the secure tunnel and access the necessary platforms in your office network. 

And if you are a freelancer, VPN services are necessary for you because of the security requirements. Hotels, airports, restaurants, and many other locations where freelancers often need to work have free Wi-Fi access. Free Wi-Fi often means risks, but we know that VPN reduces such risks drastically. 

Reason 3. Access the resources 

A good web designer researches lots of different resources. There can be services with design templates, informational resources, various professional blogs, webinars, YouTube channels, etc. To keep your professional level high, you must learn constantly. You may use a spare minute to listen to a new professional podcast from your iOS phone, and you need to be sure you will have access to it. 

Usage of VPN apps is the standard method to access web platforms with regional restrictions. A web designer who uses these solutions can be sure to grant themselves access to research, work, and self-improvement. 

Reason 4. Practical tests for website performance 

Last but not least, or, more precisely, it is the primary reason why you should apply a VPN for designer needs – you need to test your website. It means, checking how it loads on different devices (yes, the Mobile-First model), and how it is accessed from different regions. To combine these goals, you will need a desktop/laptop, a tablet, a smartphone with iOS and Android, and VPN apps for all such devices to try accessing from various locations.  


You can see that appropriate usage of VPN does more than masking your IP address. A web designer will certainly benefit from such solutions. 

Of course, you should use decent software. Check how it encrypts your traffic, how many servers the provider offers, and where they are. Also, consider how fast your work under a VPN will be and whether you can use it on any machine and mobile device. And, of course, try the options available – all reputable VPN providers offer a free trial of their solutions. 


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