A Detailed Review of the LifterLMS (Learning Management System)

27 May 2021
A Detailed Review of the LifterLMS (Learning Management System)

Are you looking for the all-inclusive Learning Management System (LMS) to grow your business online? LifterLMS is a great choice. It helps the users create their own tailored WordPress site for selling their online courses and other stuff.

It blends multiple important tools for building online courses, reporting, analytics, gamification, membership feature, e-Commerce, progress tracking. To know about this WP LMS plugin is right for you or not, check out our unbiased LifterLMS review.


LifterLMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that can allow clients to create, launch and grow their online learning projects effectively by organizing all the stuff in one place. With it, users can build short online courses and even complete degree programs.

Important Details

  • Site – https://lifterlms.com/
  • Established Year – 2014
  • HQ Location – Phoenix, AZ
  • Twitter – LifterLMS
  • Facebook Page – LifterLMS


Here are the great features of LifterLMS:

  • Excellent UI
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification
  • Content dripping and customization
  • Progression bar
  • Membership and student profile
  • E-commerce and third-party integration
  • Core plugin available for free

How to Use LifterLMS for Building Course?

LifterLMS is the great WordPress LMS available today. The main aim is to combine different software with building a successful learning website and offering a unified learning experience. Learn below how to use the platform for creating an online course:

  • Step 1: Install the LifterLMS plugin. For this, open the WP dashboard, choose plugins and then go to ‘Add New.’ Type the LMS plugin name in the search box. Once you see LifterLMS, hit Install Now > Activate.
  • Step 2: Complete the start-up wizard to have a good understanding of the plugin features. Just hit the Get Started Now button. If you want, you can even skip step 2.
  • Step 3: Access the plugin from your WP dashboard. For building a new course, choose Courses > Add Course. Now, set up the name, description, featured image, and other details about your new course.
  • Step 4: Build a course structure by pressing Launch Course Builder on the editor menu located on the right-hand side. These courses are broken down into different lessons and sections. To add any lesson/section, hit the suitable button from the menu.
  • Step 5: Click Open WordPress lesson editor to add content within the lesson editor. Make sure you go through it easily before publishing it.
  • Step 6: Now, add lesson widgets and progress widgets to your website. It guarantees that the online course is easy for the students to access. For this, go to Appearance > Widgets. You can preview your lessons, course summary and check out the progress report if you want.
  • Step 7: Finally, decide the rate of your course and what requirements individuals need to fulfill to access it. Just go to the Access plan and hit Add New.

Give a unique name to your subscription/one-time payment plan and add a nice description. However, if you want to offer the course for free, you also have the freedom to choose that option.

Pricing Plans

The LifterLMS offer three pricing packages:

  1. Individual Add-ons
  2. Universal Bundle
  3. Infinity Bundle

You can invest in the bundle to save some money than buying each add-on separately. Moreover, you’ll be at the frontline of customer service.

If you want to build a feature-rich online course, the universal bundle is perfect. However, the infinity bundle is great if you are looking to create an excellent training program. For more details on pricing, click here.

Pros and Cons

Let’s check out the plugin pros and cons that we found during our in-depth LifterLMS review:


  • Drag-and-Drop Online Course Building – The biggest perk of LifterLMS is the creation of a wide range of courses with a drag-and-drop feature. It even let users add on eBooks, quizzes, multimedia lessons, assignments, etc.
  • Easy Platform Management – This plugin allows you to manage your e-learning platform within your WP site easily. Whether it’s setting up security features, monitoring online courses, or managing students and teachers, it covers all to offer convenience.
  • Third-Party Integration – LifterLMS even let users integrate with the famous WordPress plugins and third-party software they require to run their site successfully. It includes Monster insights, Astra, AffilciateWP, Ventura, etc.
  • Build Own Pricing Model – With this famous WP Learning Management System plugin, you can build your pricing model and manage online payments on your site with ease. Besides charging your customers subscription fees, users can provide course bundles or coupons to drive their business sales. The smooth interface conducts transactions at any time.
  • Data Tracking – Another benefit of LifterLMS is data analytics. Users can track student and course progressions and also stay updated with the sales trends associated with the product. It let them evaluate the performance of their lessons and make changes accordingly.
  • Supports Mobile Learning – With the LifterLMS app, students can attend your lessons and courses on their mobile handsets with ease. It means you do not need to concern about adjusting content to make it mobile-responsive.
  • 30-Day Demo – The 30-day demo version lets you test every add-on before you put your hard-earned money in the platform, which means there is no risk at all. Due to any reason, if you feel unsatisfied with the service, let the LifterLMS team know, and you’ll get a 100% refund instantly.
  • Achievements and Certifications – LifterLMS builds reward system features into the plugin. You can find it within the Engagements menu. If you want, you can also set multiple achievements and certificates for your eLearning course.
  • Tons of Membership Options – LifterLMS plugin lets you provide a wide assortment of membership options to the users like sitewide memberships, online course bundles, etc. You can even set up private discussion groups for the members with a pro subscription.
  • Content Customization – It’s another good feature of this LMS plugin. Users can use shortcodes to tailor the progression bar in the form of color, animation, or other. The shortcodes also allow them to add on their courses anywhere on the site, track the progress, collect in-depth insights, and tailor the user interface.
  • Translation Service – LifterLMS is translatable in the language of your choice. You can even translate its themes and add-ons.
  • eCommerce Support – Users can even integrate some popular e-Commerce add-ons like WooCommerce and PayPal to ensure the profitable sale of their courses.
  • Page Builder Integration – The plugin works with the existing page builder like BeaverBuilder, Elementor, etc., to align your online course well with your brand.
  • Social Learning – Another excellent benefit of LifterLMS is social learning. However, this feature is available for an extra rate. Your learners can tailor their profile and link with other people on social media channels via your offered course.


  • Add-Ons Are Paid – Although the core plugin is free to use, you need paid plugins to take your online course to the next level.
  • Minimal Support – If you pick the LifterLMS free version, you will receive a little support.
  • Limited Integration with the Email Marketing Tools – This famous course platform has limited integration with email marketing software. There are only two options – Converkit and Mailchimp

Customer Support

This innovative LMS platform offers excellent customer support in the form of phone, ticket, email, live chat, comprehensive knowledge base. Its knowledge base consists of more than 400 articles on different topics. For technical support, you can fill out the general contact form. I used their customer service and found the reps quite helpful and knowledgeable.


What is Learning Management System?

LMS allows users to deploy an online course for their e-learning site. With it, they can manage users, set up content, and track their outcomes.

What Kind of Sites Can You Build Using the Plugin?

You can use the LifterLMS for building the following sites:

  • Internal training sites
  • Online courses
  • Course marketplaces
  • Training based membership portals

Who Can Use it?

LifterLMS is excellent for the:

  • IT experts
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing agencies
  • WordPress Freelancers
  • LMS industry experts
  • Others that want to earn some money by selling online lessons

What Are the Technical Requirements for Installing the Plugin?

To install LifterLMS, you need to meet these technical requirements:

  • WP version – 5.1 and above
  • Database – Mysql 5.6 or above and MariaDB 10 or above
  • Php version – 7.2 or above
  • Server modules – Apache or Nginx with mod_rewrite

Is WordPress LifterLMS Plugin Free?

Although the WP LifterLMS plugin is free, there is also a broad assortment of premium extensions that you can use to add advanced functionality to your site.

How Many Pricing Plans Can I Create for Each Course?

You can create around six plans for each membership/course.

What Are the Alternatives to LifterLMS?

The best five LifterLMS alternative include:

  • eLeap
  • Easy LMS
  • AcademyOcean
  • Paylocity
  • Trivie

Do I Need to Understand the Code to Use LifterLMS?

No. You do not need to use any coding to use the plugin.


LifterLMS is a complete LMS solution available on the web. It’s a free plugin that lets you convert your WordPress-based eLearning site into a completely engaging membership site.

I have tried tons of LMS plugins but found LifterLMS by far the excellent. Believe me, LifterLMS can help you boost leads, profits, and engagement for your training membership site or online course. Get started today for building a successful e-learning site!