7 Best AI Website Builders That You Can Try Right Now

28 October 2022
7 Best AI Website Builders That You Can Try Right Now

More than a third of all devices people use feature AI in one form or another. People and businesses interface with artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, and automation through the devices and gadgets they use every day.

One of the areas that has greatly benefitted from the advancement of AI is software and apps. Now we have smart apps and intelligent platforms to accomplish tasks faster and make processes more efficient. An example is online website builders.

We’ll be examining the best AI-powered website builders that you can try right now to come up with fast, modern websites, without you spending much time and resources.

What is a Website Builder?

Website builders are cloud-hosted, browser-based tools that let you create a personal or business website without using codes. Sometimes referred to as codeless website builders, they don’t need programming languages or frameworks such as JavaScript, CSS or HTML for you to create an online site.

What is normally used in these platforms are drag-and-drop interfaces or a layout editor that allows you to easily place and arrange images, text, and other elements onto a page. You can tweak the website design and customize it to reflect your style or content.

Underlying codes are actually generated by the platforms but you don’t have to deal with these. They are there just in case you need web developers and programmers to check the technical side of things. More often than not, you’ll do well on your own since these website builders are designed to be DIY platforms.

The Process

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these website builders are built to be intuitive and straightforward to use. They offer similar steps in website building such as the following:

  • Choose from a collection of website templates the most suitable one for your niche, business or industry.
  • Upload and add your text content and images or choose relevant images from a built-in stock library.
  • Customize your site by adding other media elements and design assets like videos, music, backgrounds, shapes, boxes, etc.
  • Add branding touches such as corporate colors, fonts, slogan, and logo.
  • Check everything is according to your specs and design then publish and go live.

Website builders often take care of the nitty-gritty like web hosting, domain registration, SSL security, maintenance, and keeping your site up and running all the time. And if you’re an e-commerce business, there are packages that include the essentials like an online store, checkout features, payment systems, etc.

From the bulleted items above, you’ll see there is manual intervention in every step. Selecting the right template alone will take time; more so in choosing the appropriate elements to put in. As humans, we are prone to dilly-dally and doubt the choices we make which affects efficiency. This is where AI website builders come in.

Leveraging AI in Building Websites

How is artificial intelligence used in website builders? The first stage will usually involve the AI website builder asking you to provide inputs such as:

  • Type of website – personal, professional, or business
  • Website purpose – online store, blog, or gallery
  • Design type – modern, minimalist, elegant, etc.
  • The content you want included – logo, images, others

From your answers, the AI will draw on its huge database of design elements and best practices to:

  • Make suggestions on your website design.
  • Create a design mockup based on your type of website or business.
  • Auto-generate web scripts or codes for various functions of your website.

The above will be done automatically and instantly. If you need to fine tune what the AI website builder came up with, you can make personalized tweaks and put custom touches to your website.

The traditional website making process was transformed with AI and made better and faster. With tasks streamlined and optimized, it reduced the time spent on building a website while avoiding indecisions and overcoming challenges. It was made cost-effective.

What are these AI website builders currently available? It’s time to find out the noteworthy players in this fast-rising software category.

Best AI Website Builders

1. Wix ADI


Wix is a popular online website building platform that has been providing its services since 2008. It currently boasts of 5.5 million premium customers and millions of users of its free plan. There are more than 350 million active domains that run on a Wix website.

Since 2016, Wix has introduced its smart website builder called Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). It simplifies and accelerates website building specific to your company or business requirements. Instead of using the already intuitive Wix Editor, you get insights from the Wix ADI to help you quickly create a website.

How It Works

You need to create a Wix account to unlock the AI solution which, fortunately, is not a separate feature but included in all Wix plans. The steps are simple enough.

  1. On your profile, click on the “Get Started” button. You have the option to create your site with the Wix Editor or the Wix ADI.
  2. If you choose the ADI, you’ll be asked a series of questions like what design you prefer and what kind of site you want to build – portfolio, blog, store, etc.
  3. You’ll be asked more specific info such as website name and particular images or text you want to include.
  4. You can add a logo or social media buttons. The AI can suggest themes and colors based on your logo.
  5. Once you’ve provided all the right info, the AI will make website examples where you can choose the best one.
  6. You can now put other components into the finished site like additional text content, contact details, “About Us” page, etc.


  • Quick and simple – It’s easy to set up and straightforward to learn and navigate.
  • Smart and logical system – The recommended designs and concepts adhere closely to your answers to the queries.
  • Auto content import – The AI will automatically source content like logo and images from your existing online sites, web pages, or social media posts.


  • No full customization – While you can tweak the finished product, that option is rather lacking compared to using the standard Wix Editor.
  • Looks like a template – The website comes across looking more like a template at first glance. In which case, you need more “natural” content like well written pieces or unique and not generic images.


Wix has a free plan but has limited features, carries Wix ads, and a Wix domain name. You can try a Wix premium plan for 14 days which you can cancel and get full refund within that period.

There are four Website Plans starting at $4.50/month and three Business & Commerce Plans starting at $17/month. The ADI is accessible through all the Wix plans – free and paid.

2. Jimdo Dolphin


Jimdo is a digital platform for building websites, online stores, and logos. As a website builder, it allows you to create your site with the classic Jimdo Creator that provides everything you need to make a portfolio, company site, or an e-commerce store. Jimdo claims to have built 200,000 online shops for small business owners and 20 million sites in total since 2010 using its platform.

Jimdo’s AI-driven, wizard website builder is dubbed Dolphin introduced in 2017. It guarantees to deliver a personalized and ready-to-use website in three minutes tops. The new generation platform uses a streamline approach to website building that reduces time, effort, steep learning, and high upfront cost.

How It Works

The process involves you providing inputs and preferences in short, simple steps.

  1. Open a free Jimdo account and start with the free plan.
  2. Provide the name of your business/website.
  3. Pick the website’s primary purpose (e-commerce, portfolio, blog, etc.)
  4. Choose the style you like (e.g., minimal, modern, or others)
  5. The color theme you like to match your style.

From there, you’ll get a website with modular blocks that you can customize by enhancing or changing elements like images, texts, and other content.


  • Ease of use – The AI solution is user-friendly overall and focuses on usability.
  • More customization – While Dolphin will create a website for you, you get free rein to edit or customize it afterwards when it comes to styling, colors, texts, adding effects like slideshows, and putting in multimedia elements like videos and music.
  • Mobile apps – Jimdo comes with native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, making it a multi-platform solution. This means you can create your site using Dolphin on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC.


  • Some elements don’t show up – Some elements don’t appear on the builder interface or don’t match what’s on the live site. But then you can always do some refining and editing later if the AI didn’t actually get what you wanted during its queries.
  • Few templates – A few dozen website templates seem to be the only choice the AI has to start off, making it somewhat limited in that area.


Jimbo Dolphin is one of two choices presented to you (the other is the regular Jimbo Creator) when you start to create a website, regardless of what plan you subscribe to.

Four Website Plans are available including a free plan and three paid plans starting at $9/month. Online Store Plans come in three pricing tiers with the cheapest going for $15/month.

3. Bookmark AiDA


Bookmark is a Canadian company founded in 2014 and is known for its website builder platform and e-commerce solutions. What makes Bookmark different is that its Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant (AiDA) is not an option you choice when creating a website. It is the only option you have because AiDA is built right into the fabric of the platform.

Bookmark proudly boasts to being not only the world’s first but also the fastest AI-powered website builder. This means that all its tools have AI DNA such as its drag-and-drop editor and advanced analytics. Furthermore, websites built with Bookmark are SEO-optimized, mobile-ready, with automatic translation to over 100 different languages, among a host of other features.

How It Works

In two minutes you can have your working website. Two major steps are involved:

  1. Answer a few questions about your business type, location, and goal.
  2. With proprietary machine learning algorithms, AiDA builds an optimized website and presents you with multiple versions for you to pick the right one.


  • Blazing fast – It will take you longer to answer the questions than for AIDA to build your website.
  • Auto optimization – AiDA doesn’t stop there at website building. Based on your business goals and site performance, your website will continually auto-optimize. AiDA will provide data-driven recommendations on how to improve your website so it can deliver best-in-class web experience.
  • Lots of features –AiDA websites, whether a business site or an online store, comes complete with all the features you need such as free emails, custom forms, unlimited pages and storage, free images, a blog, payment systems, etc.


  • A bit of a learning curve – AiDA will do the heavy lifting for website building and site optimization, but you still have to deal with a lot of tools, features, and choices which can be quite overwhelming and take getting used to.
  • Integration – You can connect your Bookmark website to marketplaces, payment gateways, and social media sites. It would have been better if it could integrate with productivity and business tools as well as communication and messaging apps.


Bookmark offers just two packages – a Professional Plan at $14.99/month and a Business Plan that goes for $29.99/month. A 14-day free trial is available.

4. Zyro


Zyro is a relatively new player in the website builder niche. The company behind it is headquartered in Lithuania and founded in 2019. Focusing on individuals and SMBs that are starting out, it has already racked up 250,000 small business owners that have created Zyro websites. A common reason by users for choosing Zyro is how fast and easy it is to build their websites through the platform, and the affordable pricing.

Zyro already utilizes AI tech in its codeless, drag-and-drag website builder to help you quickly come up with a professional and optimized website that loads lightning fast. Zyro goes further by offering AI-powered tools alongside the site builder to help you in content creation, conversion, and analyze site performance.

How It Works

Zyro works like a regular website builder where you create an account and go through the following:

  1. Select a website template or
  2. Start from scratch and make your preferences as to the design, purpose, etc.
  3. The AI algorithm will generate a website based on your choices.
  4. You can add elements and other functionalities to customize the website.


  • Top-notch site construction – Building a website with Zyro is simple but solid. The drag-and-drop interface has grids, section duplicator, auto-save, multiple language support, and many more.
  • Nifty AI tools – Nearly a dozen AI tools can be used with the site builder but of particular importance is the AI Writer to assist with crafting text content and AI Heatmap so you can see which parts of your page are performing well.
  • Built for online sellers – Zyro websites come with auto features, third-party marketing integrations, and e-commerce tools for inventory, shipping, payment, taxes, etc.


  • Strict responsive design – This is similarly used by other site builders wherein once you’ve selected a template you can’t switch to another one. You need to start again with another design if you want to overhaul your existing site.
  • Still evolving – Since it’s a new platform, it still feels lacking in some respect like more advanced features and customizability which hopefully can be addressed with future updates.


Zyro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and one of the most affordable pricing tiers in the website builder category. Subscribers are also entitled to big discounts if they opt to pay for a straight year.

For an annual payment, the Website Plan goes for $2.99/month while the Business Plan is at $3.99/month. There is no free plan.
Check Zyro Pricing

5. 10Web Builder


10Web is an AI platform that offers web hosting and web management. Among its offerings include one-click site migration, page speed booster, and web security. It also provides premium widgets for the Elementor plugin to expand the functionalities of your WordPress site.

The platform also provides an AI-assisted site creator called the 10Web Builder. The AI’s main function is actually to replicate and rebuild your website in WP as you move it from another platform like Wix or Squarespace. Using AI, it will get the initial design and structure of your existing site, after which you can edit the site with the 10Web Builder (based on Elementor), then set your site live with one click. You can start from scratch or, using available templates, let the AI build a copy on WP of your existing site.

How It Works

  1. Paste the URL of each page you’d like to recreate into AI builder (e.g. homepage, about section, contact page, etc.)
  2. Without any code, the AI Builder will proceed to copy the design elements and website structure including fonts, colors, and text and image blocks, among others.
  3. You can add more pages and each page will automatically adapt the design and style from your homepage.
  4. Using an Elementor-based editor, you can customize and edit the initial website version until you’re satisfied with the result.


  • Quick website rebuild – Quickly and easily recreate a copy of your site on WordPress without the need to copy any line of code.
  • Easy customization – Edit, enhance, and modify the initial website up to the smallest design details and content specs.
  • 3-in-1 solution – The power of three tested solutions – 10Web Builder, WordPress, and Elementor – are leveraged to give you the best resources and results.


  • Cloned site needs cleaning – The initial website recreated on WP needs some cleaning up. That’s why you have editing tools to tie loose ends and tidy up some things like retaining original functionality.
  • Exclusive to WP – The 10Web Builder is designed for the WP environment.


Three premium plans are available – Personal at $14/month, Premium at $35/month, and Agency for $85/month. There are discounts for annual subscriptions. There is no trial version or free plan but a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.
Check 10Web Pricing

6. B12 Editor


B12 is an American company founded in 2015 and based in New York City. It provides creative and design services as well as web tools for marketing and online payment. Among its web products is the B12 Editor for building websites geared towards professional services. According to the company, 150,000 businesses have created their online presence with B12’s platform.

B12 believes in bringing together the creativity of humans and the power of technology and as such provides a unique approach to website building. While you can go the normal route of answering questions so that the AI can build a suitable site for you (through the Basic Plan), you can opt to have a professional design team plus the AI to come up with a professional site complete with all the functionalities you need.

How It Works

  1. The AI designs a draft website in 60 seconds.
  2. You provide your preferences (elements, content, structure, etc.) to a specialist.
  3. Designers incorporate your suggestions to the AI-generated draft.
  4. You provide feedback so designers can update the site and apply best practices.
  5. A second draft is created that is optimized for search engines and all types of devices.
  6. You review the website and approve it for launch.


  • The power of two – You get two collaborators – people and AI – to help you come up with a professional website.
  • Properly vetted – Your website goes through proper vetting and validation from professionals based on your feedback and preferences.
  • Quality work and results – Great results are created with the meeting of minds and machines, impressive array of tools, and a streamlined process.


  • The human factor – Having a design team on your side can be a blessing and a curse. Are they aware of your deadlines? Can they be always available when it comes to consultation and feedback? Their ideas may not jibe with yours. These and more come into play when several people are involved.
  • Rather expensive – As you can see in the next section.


The Basic Plan goes for $49/month, Professional Plan at $199/month for one user, and the Advanced Plan is pegged at $399/month for five users. A no-cost Starter Plan with basic features is available although it is not stated how long you can have this plan for free.

7. Weblium


Weblium is a self-service online website building platform that does not require coding and design skills. It is built as a DIY solution and so effortless to use that all you need is your creativity plus the tools of Weblium. It has over 300 ready-to-use, optimized templates for various industries and businesses, making it a breeze to create business sites, portfolios, online stores, landing pages, and more.

The website building process follows the traditional path where you complete a short survey, select the right template, and edit and add elements to the website. AI will not have much of a role in the actual website building process; this is an area that you will handle. AI comes in the editing process where a Smart Design Supervisor automates certain tasks and functions for you.

How It Works

  1. Answer a few questions on your industry, business name, etc.
  2. Select the appropriate website template.
  3. Put in images, texts, and other elements and start your layout and edits.
  4. As you edit, the AI will automatically and accordingly adjust font sizes, spacing, line lengths to give you better visuals and a clean design, effectively saving you time from manually making all the adjustments.
  5. After editing, you publish your website.


  • Easy to use – It’s one of the most intuitive, beginner-friendly, and reasonably-priced website builders around.
  • Auto adjustments – Without you even aware of it, the AI puts on auto-pilot fine and precise adjustments as you edit to streamline your workflow.
  • Templates galore – You get access to hundreds of professional templates even on the free plan.


  • You do the heavy-lifting – This is no issue if you like the classic and creative process of website building where you do the selection and decision when it comes to site structure and design.
  • Not for e-commerce – It lacks e-commerce features and functionalities.


There is a Free Plan with access to templates, unlimited storage, and use of the Smart Design Supervisor. The Pro Plan unlocks all of Weblium’s features for $8.25/month while the Bundle Plan starts at $4.25/month.

Should You Use an AI Website Builder?

Why not? If it means streamlining and speeding up the task of website building with less effort and lower cost, then don’t hold up on letting machines do the job.

Realize though that there are two schools of thoughts – one side is averse to having AI decide what their website should look like, reasoning that there is no substitute for natural intelligence or human creativity.

The other side welcomes the vast pool of data and information that AI taps to help humans in coming up with the most optimal outcome at the least amount of time when it comes to creating websites.

Do not belabor yourself with these thoughts. Consider AI as an assistive technology to facilitate the website building process in the midst of human indecision, inadequacy, and inefficiency.

You can try right now any of these AI website builders we’ve listed, and see how they make things so much easier.