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Design Pickle Review : your next unlimited graphic design service ?

design pickle

Are you a professional online marketer or entrepreneur looking for superior quality unlimited graphic design service? Design Pickle is a great choice. You can get skilled designers at great rates using this cloud-based platform.

The designers can build designs or small projects such as attractive flyers, social media images, ads, banners, websites, landing pages, mobile apps, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, T-shirts, blog graphics, vehicle wraps, and other promotional stuff. They can also create infographics and illustrations if you offer them all of the statistics and data.

This well-established design company has helped plenty of businesses across the globe. What’s superb is that most requests take one or two business days or even the same-day for Pro accounts. To know more, dive into our comprehensive Design Pickle review.

About Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a global flat-rate graphic design company founded by Russ Perry. It is committed to offering world-class creative services to its clientele.

Important Details


  • Fast turnaround on the Pro plan
  • Highly dedicated and responsive designing team
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Create unlimited brand profiles and submit unlimited requests
  • No contract
  • Slack integration available
  • Access to Getty Images for all your Design Pickle projects

Pricing Plans

There are three kinds of pricing plans that you can pick depending on the amount and kind of graphic designs you require for your business – Graphic Design Essentials, Graphic Design Pro, and Custom Illustrations.

Graphic Design Essentials plan is great for small businesses, whereas Graphic Design Pro is best for medium to large businesses. On the other hand, the Custom Illustrations plan is perfect for businesses that require tons of custom illustrations on-demand.

Prices scale down to monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. Once you choose your subscription, you are matched with a graphic designer that can handle your graphic design requests. Customers have the option to alter designers when needed.

To know more about Design Pickle pricing plans :


Signing Up at Design Pickle

Getting started on the Design Pickle platform is simple. Just click on the sign-up button on the Design Pickle homepage and enter your email. After subscribing to Design Pickle, take your time to customize your settings.

a) My Profile Settings

It allows you to set a time zone, preferences, and file types.

b) Company Settings

It allows you to set your contact details, billing details, and basic company information.

c) Brand Profiles

Here you need to specify important data about the brands you need graphics for. It includes data like the description of the brand, your target audience, logo files, and brand colors/typography. This is essential when you are submitting multiple requests.

How Does Design Pickle Unlimited Graphic Design Service Work?

As you know, professional graphics can boost your bottom line. Design Pickle is the one-stop-shop for your graphic design needs. Customers can request as many graphic designs and revisions for unlimited brands as they want for a flat monthly rate. You can easily manage and track your small to complicated graphic design projects with one easy-to-use dashboard. You can place new requests using their user interface, email, or using third-party tools linked to Design Pickle.

The talented design team will work on one project at a time unless you upgrade to the Pro plan. You will be assigned one full-time graphic designer to your Design Pickle account as per your needs. Remember, the designers are located in diverse time zones. Thus, you can expect 2 to 3 designs job to be finished in one day. Remember, vague graphic design requests do not get assigned. Therefore, it’s best to be clear as possible from the start.

If your graphic design project is too big, the Design Pickle team will break it down into smaller tasks. Each of them is regarded as a separate project. What’s awesome is that the platform does not come with any HR, interviews, or other hassles that come with recruiting a new graphic designer. Users will also be delegated an account manager that checks the progress so all requests every week.

Pros and Cons

Let us have a look at the Design Pickle pros and cons:


Unlimited Designs

You can submit tons of design requests as you want. This feature is beneficial if you are running multiple projects. The creative professional graphic designing team will closely work with you to accomplish your mission within the set time.

This platform also allows you to make a queue of graphic design requests. You can submit your new requests whenever you desire and re-prioritize them as required.

Minimalistic Layout

It is one of the reasons why Design Pickle is simple to use. It’s via the dashboard where you can place and manage your design orders.

No Contracts

Customers can cancel their plan anytime. Design Pickle also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not find the platform valuable for your business, you can get a complete refund for your initial membership within one month.

Choice of File Types 

Customers can also pick your finished file format – PSD’s, AI files, PNG, JPG, etc. Moreover, Design Pickle does not charge you additional money for the editable versions of the completed graphic design order.

Unlimited Revisions

At Design Pickle, customers get as many revisions as they desire till they get fully satisfied.


Building sub Design Pickle accounts and adding sub-users does not cost any additional money. You can also add unlimited sub-accounts with zero limitations.

Custom Graphics

Custom visuals add a wow factor to your business content. If you have a constant need for custom graphics, Design Pickle professional designers also fulfill that.

Great Library

Design Pickle also offers access to a great library of stock graphics and images at no additional price. This means you do not need to buy high-end stock photos for your business use. The platform searches the right image for you and alters it according to your needs.


Logos and Branding Designs Unavailable

The graphic designing team at Design Pickle can’t perform complicated design tasks such as building logos and branding designs. Thus, make sure you do not request these kinds of designs.

Slack Unavailable in the Standard Plan

Slack is just available on the Pro plan.

Submitting New Design Requests Can Be Challenging

Adding new design requests can be a little bit challenging in comparison to few other providers.

Custom Illustrations Come with an Added Fee

Custom illustrations are not added in the Standard and Pro plans. If you need it, you need to pay extra.

It Takes Time to Keep the Queue Full

If you do not have time to invest, you may not keep the queue full. It might also be too much expensive.

Design Pickle Customer Support

The customer support service of Design Pickle is really superb. You can talk to the specialists from Monday to Friday within business hours or submit a support request without any fuss. Live Chat is one of the great ways to get in touch with the customer support team. It will help you get the assistance you need in real-time. Customers can also take advantage of Frequently Asked Questions.


What Are the Best Design Pickle Alternatives?

Design Pickle may be the popular unlimited design service on the market. But there are other top alternatives too. It includes:

Who Can Use Design Pickle?

Design Pickle is an excellent graphic design solution for:

  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Online marketers
  • Small companies
  • Bloggers
  • Creative professionals

For any project that needs professional-looking graphic design, you can use the Design Pickle platform. Since the platform does not produce copy so any text you need, you will have to write on your own.

Who is the Owner of the Creative Designs?

Customers have 100% ownership of the designs the professional offer them to you.

How to Get Maximum Out of Design Pickle?

Include the following data in your brief:

  • Your target audience
  • A detailed description of your requirements
  • Inspired links
  • Image sizes
  • Colors to use or not to use
  • Other notes that will help the designer team

What is the Turnaround Time for the Projects?

The turnaround time for you projects at Design Pickle will depend on the following things:

  • The complexity of your submitted request
  • Number of requests in the queue
  • Total number of subscriptions you have

How to Cancel My Graphic Design Subscription?

To cancel your Design Pickle subscription, simply log into your account and choose Cancel/Hold at the base of the Company settings.


Right graphic design allows better engagement with your audience, boost content production, and ultimately conversion. Design Pickle is a superb platform for accessing subscription-based graphic design services whenever you require them. Companies such as RE/MAX, UPS, Cross Fit, etc., are already using Design Pickle.

It is also much affordable than recruiting an in-house graphic designer.

The platform is worth the money spent if you efficiently manage your graphic design requests.

I have been a loyal user of Design Pickle for over two years and got impressed with the platform. The designers fulfilled my graphic design requests fast. My rating for Design Pickle is 9.5 out of 10. Contact the experts today for your graphic design needs.

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