Our Depositphotos review for Designers (And a Coupon Offer)

Depositphotos is an international stock platform for visual content. This service offers photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos starting at $0.20 per file. As a customer of Depositphotos, businesses and individual creatives get the opportunity to spend less time on visual communication, and, in most cases, produce designs in the most cost-effective way.

Read our detailed review of the Depositphotos platform to understand the benefits and how much it costs to use this service.

What Is Stock Photography and Who Can Use Depositphotos?

Stock image platforms are online libraries where you can find and download images for editorial or commercial use. The main advantage of such platforms is getting licensed, royalty-free content with no copyright infringement. Photographers, designers, and illustrators who work with stocks consent to the use of their images by third parties. For every download of their images, they earn commissions.

The majority of photostock clients are content departments of companies and freelance designers.

Depositphotos was funded to help businesses look vibrant and easily manage their visual communication, and at the same time use their resources wisely if they often need visual content.

But how is it possible? First, by purchasing images there, you save time, because you get visuals here and now, and do not wait for your photographer to finish their photo session. Second, your visuals will never fall short of your expectations, as you literally see what you get.

Third, Depositphotos helps to better allocate financial resources. Your company can partially opt out of using a designer or in-house photographer and just buy high-quality images from photostocks. Also, Depositphotos is one of the most affordable resources of this type on the market. The cost of a single image starts at $0.20.

Perks of Using Depositphotos

There are dozens of stock image platforms on the Internet. They differ in the size of the file library, the formats of visuals that they offer, the topics covered, as well as the quality of the content, and the convenience of the interface. Below we describe the key benefits of Depositphotos:

Over 180 million images

The Depositphotos library is updated daily with over 150 thousand new trending and high-quality images. You will always have a large pool of visuals to choose from.

Photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos together

Depositphotos offers you all kinds of visuals. You can narrow your search to just vectors or just photos. Use the format that is convenient for you at the moment, within the same price plan. To use only trendy and authentic images for projects, find them in the thematic hand-picked image collections.

Advanced search tools

Besides the fact that you can enter a keyword in the search bar and then sort the results by publication date or popularity, you can also use the advanced search filters on the left. Smart search tools include sorting by color, object, image orientation, and many other parameters. This allows you to quickly find what you need.

AI-based and manual content selection

Depositphotos is about top-notch, authentic, and trending visuals. The AI ​​algorithm is responsible for the selection of high-quality content. Content curators check the results of the initial selection and distribute to collections only those images that meet the modern standards of visual communication.

Price plans for everyone

You can use Depositphotos with a monthly or annual subscription or an On Demand plan. The first option means that you pay from $10 per month (or from $100 per year) and can download a certain number of images during this period. On Demand works as a prepayment for 10—100 images that you can download whenever you want throughout the year.

How Much Does It Cost to use Depositphotos?

Depositphotos is a great chance for startups or small companies to customize their visual communication without spending a fortune on in-house photographers. And for large companies, Depositphotos is a chance to better distribute their resources.

Depositphotos also works well for freelance creatives like designers who are interested in cost-effective and ready-to-use solutions.

The minimum cost of downloading a file from the Depositphotos library is $0.20 (price per file when purchasing an annual or monthly subscription for 750 files), the minimum subscription cost is $ 9.99 (price for a monthly subscription for 10 files).

You can also choose the On Demand plan and download the required number of files throughout the year. Companies can contact Depositphotos to get a custom corporate plan.

To start downloading images from the Depositphotos library, you need to register as a client of this platform. There is also a huge collection of free images so you can get started by choosing and downloading some of them.


The stock image platform is a brilliant way to quickly find images you need and use them without copyright infringement in a cost-effective way (compared to ordering a photoshoot or making custom illustrations).

Depositphotos is a trusted platform with thousands of authentic and trending images added to its library every day. This fall, its library contains over 170 million files.

Choose a pricing plan that suits your image needs for projects.

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