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Tailor Brands Logo Design : An Honest Review

Tailor Brands Honest Review

Are you finding a one-stop-shop for all your branding needs? Look no further than Tailor Brands. It is the famous AI-powered platform on the web. From social media help to presentations to business cards to email signatures, their services go beyond just logos.

The experts here help businesses worldwide to build a unique and solid online brand identity in a short time without requiring a big budget. You can even return to the previous page without starting all over again if you have made an error.

Tailor Brands tool suite is easy to use, and you can try it as many times as possible until you have the perfect design. Check out our Tailor Brands review to find out whether it’s the right choice for your brand or not.

Let’s start.

About Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the top logo design and branding platform in the world. It offers logo generation, social media marketing tools, AI-driven webs design, and some print work to entrepreneurs and website owners.

Important Details

  • Site – tailorbrands.com
  • Established Year – 2014
  • HQ Location – Houston, Texas
  • Twitter – Tailor Brands
  • Instagram – Tailor Brands


Let us dig a deeper at few of the standout features of Tailor Brands:

  • Simple to use branding platform
  • AI-powered designs
  • Advanced branding tools available on premium package
  • Built-in customization
  • Plenty of in-depth resources

Getting Started at Tailor Brands – A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is how to get started with Tailor Brands:

The details are as follows:

Add Your Business Name

Enter your business name, tagline, industry, and other data that will allow the Company to know more about your logo needs.

Pick Your Logo and Font Preference

There is a multitude of logs available. You can pick the one that resembles your brand well. Now, you need to choose your font preference. The algorithm will show you designs based on your liking.

Select a Logo Design

On the left side, you can discover your logo design options. On the right side, you can see logos on business cards, printed t-shirts, etc.


In this step, you need to tailor your logo with text, colors, typeface, and fonts according to the needs. Tailor Brands platform is completely automated; you will find no constraints on time, revisions, speed, requests, or re-dos. This means the built-in customization option will allow you to do your work without delay in turnaround since it works 24/7/365.

However, you can’t drag and drop things wherever you desire. The company designing professionals will make logos on the spot depending on the details you have offered to them.

Pricing Plans

Tailor Brands has a wide array of comprehensive subscriptions for the customers. It includes everything you need to create a robust brand identity. The price is on a par with its opponents. There are three plans;

  • Basic – Great if you want just logos
  • Standard – Great if you are looking for long-term investment at an affordable price
  • Premium – Great if you are planning to take your brand to the next level

You can download your logos instantly if you plan to buy a Tailor Brands subscription. You have the option to buy these subscriptions with three different billing options – yearly, monthly, or bi-yearly. Remember, when you upgrade your plan, you unlock more professional features like social media analytics, Vector EPS files, etc.

How Does Tailor Brands Work?

Tailor Brands use artificial intelligence technology and a tool suite to build and unify your whole brand. To get logos on Tailor Brands, you need to answer a short questionnaire about your brand preferences and Company.

The great thing is that the logo maker tool does not use any logo templates, and every logo is made uniquely to match your business. You can make your own logos for free for commercial or non-commercial purposes and only pay when you love them.

Another good thing is that – At Tailor Brands, you can save every logo you produce and return it later on. Once you become satisfied with the design style, the company builds great brand identity.

Language Support

Tailor Brands do support languages other than English. It includes – Dutch, French, Italian, and many more.

Tailor Brands Customer Support

We do not found any phone support for the customers. However, the experienced customer care team reply to the emails of customers fast. You will also see a green live Chat icon at the bottom of the page that you get after clicking the Customer Support button at the bottom of the homepage.

In our first-hand experience with Tailor Brands, we found fast and helpful responses from the team. The website also has a great FAQ section and full of in-depth guides.

Pros and Cons

Below is the breakdown of the positives and negatives of Tailor Brands:


Ease of Usage

Tailor Brands platform is very easy to use for even newbies. The great thing is that you do not even require any designing skills to use it.

Automated Logo Generator

The automated logo generator at Tailor Brands is simple, automated and offer great outcome overall. AI-powered “wizard lets you create many types of professional logos depending on the business needs. The AI algorithm matches tons of styles, fonts, colors, and layouts while analyzing advanced logo design trends to suggest you the best.

You can even tailor your brand logo so that the final design comes out as you envisioned. When I used this feature, it seems to me like I am really working with a human designer.

Integration with Social Media Tools

Tailor Brands also offers many interesting social media tools as one of its products. The integration between design and marketing tools could make your life easier, mainly if you’re a newbie to online marketing and web design. You can spread your important branding work on diverse social media platforms within a couple of minutes.


Tailor Brands offers a wide array of add-ons, including- professional-looking business cards, branded merchandise, business docs, website builder, social media designing tool. These additional services are good if social media is a huge part of your brand’s presence.

Tons of Resources

Customers can also dive into designer resources to get more tips and tricks for their business.

Dedicated Mobile App

If you are looking to build your logos on-the-go, Tailor Brands offers a fully functional app for Android devices. Whether you need to make your brand logo or need T-shirts for your staff for an upcoming business event, you can get it all on-the-go with Tailor Brands logo app. It typically offers 20+ branding tools to help you create your brand from scratch.


No Phone Support

The platform does not provide phone support, which is a great downside.

Limited Customization

Tailor Brands does not offer one-on-one consultation with their logo designers to discuss your outcome. Moreover, more savvy users find the customization options a little bit limited. One serious downside is that you cannot choose the colors you need.


Who Can Use Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is a good option for the following:

  • Small business owners
  • Start-ups
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs

Does Free Logo Service Incorporate High-Quality Logos?

No. The free logo maker service of Tailor Brands does not include high-resolution Vector files. But if you want high-end brand logos, you need to pay some money.

What Countries Does Tailor Brands Support?

The platform supports the following countries:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Is Tailor Brands Offer Preview Option?

Yes. You can preview how the final logo design or your business.

Can I Trademark My Logos?

Although you can use your logos for free, you need to talk to an attorney for a trademark. Tailor Brands can’t provide you legal advice.

Can I Cancel My Tailor Brands Subscription Easily?

Yes. You can cancel your Tailor Brands subscription at any time you like. What superb is that you will still get your logos for download and retain the commercial rights. But you will not be unable to re-download them, so we advise you to keep local photocopies handy if you are planning to cancel the subscription. What you lose are the benefits that you are getting as a Tailor Brands customer.

What Are the Different Alternatives Available to Tailor Brands?

Top alternatives to this platform include:

  • Logojoy
  • 99Designs
  • Design Hill
  • NewGlue
  • Logology


If you are looking to build great logo designs quickly and affordably for your business besides other designed elements, Tailor Brands is a perfect choice. You can go through all the sort of designing and customizing without much effort.

All the subscriptions focus mainly on the design tools instead of the design assets. To get the maximum out of Tailor Brands, you must think about your business before getting started. It will let you get the right logo for your business.

After using the platform, I am more than satisfied. What I loved the most about Tailor Brands is that the outcome is highly personalized. The company also provides a broad range of supplementary services. I must say it’s a great value or money platform. My rating for Tailor Brands is 9.8 out of 10. Register today to make branding dreams a reality.

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