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3 Best Credit Card & Other Fintech Landing Pages For Your Inspiration

Designing a landing page can be a drag, so it’s best to take inspiration from impressive pages that others have already put together for their products and services.

The finance industry is especially good at doing this, and we’ve collected some examples of landing pages for various credit and money management packages that tick all the boxes in terms of making a good impression on visitors.


The landing page for the SoFi investing credit card is impactful for a lot of reasons. First, the design gives each element plenty of room to breathe, and it never feels like the visitor is being overwhelmed within info, in spite of the fact that there’s a lot to take in when you dig beneath the surface.

Next, there’s the excellent use of color, which is in keeping both with the brand’s palette and with the approachable, user-friendly ethos of the page as a whole.

Crucially, it features both a picture of the payment card itself, as well as a screenshot of what the associated money management app looks like. So visitors will get a sense of what to expect if they commit, and can see that the app shares the same user-friendliness as the landing page has to offer.

Scroll down and the additional perks and features are highlighted, with unambiguous, accessible copy used throughout. It concludes with a compelling call to action, rounding out what is a veritable masterclass in landing page design.


A stalwart of the cryptocurrency space, Coinbase has a landing page that gets right to the point, and encourages visitors to enter their email address and get started on account creation right away.

This approach makes the assumption that a lot of people who arrive on the site are already at least partly familiar with what it does, or at least have an understanding of crypto exchanges and trading platforms more generally. Thus it doesn’t attempt to overdo it by targeting total novices, but simply presents its platform clearly, inviting you in without ceremony.

The inclusion of a real time overview of the market as it stands at the moment, including the price and performance of top assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum is another nice touch here.

Wrapped up with an incredibly consistent use of color, and augmented with appealing typography and minimal clutter, it’s another showcase of why fintech firms are doing landing pages right.

Starling Bank

We’re taking a trip over to the UK for this landing page, which is operated by Starling Bank, an organization that has been disrupting the traditional finance sector for almost a decade in its native land.

The emphasis here is on the trustworthiness and reliability of the brand, which is a good example of how hard it can be for startups in this space to win over customers who may be overly attached to their tried and tested banking service.

Because of this angle, there are a number of logos from other organizations and publications included; all marks of quality which newcomers will want to see, no doubt.

Another point that the page is keen to get across is just how many people are signing up, with claims that a fresh customer opens an account almost twice every minute.

There’s also a prominent CTA, similar to the approach used by Coinbase, so that people don’t get tempted to browse elsewhere without at least taking things to the next stage, if only out of curiosity.

These are just a few examples of fintech landing pages which deserve your attention, and if you want further inspiration, you just have to look!

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