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Copywriting Techniques: 10 Ways to Touch the Heartstrings of Your Audience

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Don’t know how to stand out on social media? Copywriting techniques can help you get a user to take certain actions (contact a company, read a message, purchase a service, buy a product, etc.) using persuasive tools.

Moreover, by applying copywriting techniques to digital marketing, you’ll get closer to unlocking your potential in the world of creative writing and learn how to become the copywriter every agency or company wants to hire.

Without a doubt, this occupation requires strategy, planning, and cunning. Getting your message across to the reader is not as easy as it may seem. You have to be a persuasive essay writer who writes sellable texts. Do you want to create texts that will build loyalty and sell? In this article, we’ll share with you a list of social media copywriting techniques that will help you find the right words to make your audience fall in love with you.

“The Perfect Way” Formula

When we plan something, whether in copywriting or any other aspect of life, we imagine a path laid out by connecting multiple dots, right? One of the best copywriting techniques is to trace the perfect path. The route would look like this:

  • Start by asking your readers a question
  • Create an initial situation on the topic you’re going to address
  • Offer the reader a solution to their situation with your product/brand/service
  • Share expert opinions or testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Provide real and verifiable examples
  • Add statistical data to support your point of view
  • Create a call to action (CTA)

This can help you by becoming a kind of foundation upon which you can build your persuasive copy.

AIDA Formula

Among all copywriting techniques, the AIDA formula is the most popular. In “The Perfect Way”, we showed you a version of how to structure a note, but in this method, we suggest the sensations and actions that your persuasive text should make the user feel.

Where does the term AIDA come from? As Ionos makes clear, it comes from the following words:

  • Attention: it seeks to capture the user’s attention through a context with which he/she can empathize. 
  • Interest: when you have their attention, the next step of this copywriting technique is to arouse their curiosity and interest. Use statistics for this purpose.
  • Desire: offer something that the reader wants. You already know that he has the need, you are just awakening it. Use testimonials to your advantage.
  • Action: the call to action. For example, get them to check out the blog, subscribe or click on a link, depending on your goal.

Formula of the 4 P’s

This copywriting strategy is quite old, as it was used in the old letters sent by companies to their clients. Today, email marketing is used as a replacement for this copywriting technique, but it is still applied in newsletters. 

This copywriting method divides a letter into 4 parts and assigns a specific task to each. Let’s see how it works: 

  • Picture: captures the user’s attention and creates an image in his mind, which can visualize what you want to project.
  • Promise: highlights the benefits of your product and reaffirms how your brand will solve the situation.
  • Proof: present statistics, testimonials, and recommendations to the customer. This will give you the necessary credibility to back up your words.
  • Push: Inducing the user to act through a CTA.

BAB Formula

The formula is known as Before-After-Bridge. It is one of the most used copywriting techniques in advertising copywriting. It works as follows:

  • Before: you show your readers the dilemma they are in.
  • After: you offer an ideal situation, in which the problem no longer exists.
  • Bridge: the solution between the problem and the idyllic situation is what your brand has to offer them.

“Pearl Necklace” Formula

Just as jewelry enthusiasts’ eyes sparkle when they get a pearl necklace, so will your eyes sparkle when you hear more about this copywriting strategy.

It’s one of the great copywriting techniques for social media. You just have to assemble value components and various elements that attract the user’s attention, one by one, until you have a “necklace”.

These benefits, one after the other, will positively describe your persuasive text. Why do we say that these copywriting formulas are used in social networks? Because it is the best format for it, through:

  • Twitter threads
  • Stories groups
  • Instagram galleries

“The use of imagination” Formula

Imagination is one of the first great skills we unlock in our lives. Since we are children, we recreate in our minds images and situations to absurd extremes. 

Something we know from a very young age and that we forget as time goes by is the power of imagination. However, even as adults, we can develop it as one of the many copywriting techniques. 

Do you want to know how? Through mirror neurons and their relationship with empathy. In copywriting (and in life), to touch someone’s heartstrings it is enough to take them through an imaginary process concerning some hypothetical situation:

  • A pain so excruciating that we feel as if our skin is being ripped off will make your reader feel anguish.

In this kind of situation, the mirror neurons are activated by the premise, you make the audience’s imagination work and focus it on your objective. This kind of copywriting technique connects with the idea that you should seek to solve your customer’s needs. In fact, this is the basis for understanding what copywriting is and how to apply it.

“More verbs and fewer adjectives” Formula

A very common copywriting technique is to want to sell in the most exaggerated (and desperate) way possible. For example:

  • This product is WONDERFUL!
  • There’s nothing like this FANTASTIC post on copywriting techniques!

If you tell your audience through persuasive copy that your product is the best thing they are going to get in their lives, don’t you think they will want to know why?

Action verbs are there to answer this question. Use them and you will see how they change the meaning of a sentence. Let’s try the last example: with this FANTASTIC post, you will LEARN what you need to KNOW about copywriting techniques.

This is also where exclamations come in. If you want to impact the reader with your persuasive writing, constantly exclaiming is not the way to go. Only apply these signs as much as necessary, just like we do!

“3 reasons why” Formula

“3 Reasons Why” is another copywriting technique that will help you write compelling content. Basically, you have to answer three basic questions:

  • Why is your service/product better than others?
  • Why should I believe you?
  • Why should I buy it now?

This trio of questions makes all copywriters strive to answer: “Why?” Therefore, you must be clear on what the added value of your brand, product, or service is.

The 4 C’s Formula

In marketing, it is common for methodologies to be structured four by four. Similar to the 4 P’s formula, this copywriting technique focuses on the benefits for the reader. These are the 4 C’s of copywriting:

  • Clear
  • Concise 
  • Compelling
  • Credible

If you can create your social media posts or copy with these 4 C’s, you’re on the right track. To do this, you must keep your writing clear, and concise and find a compelling angle from which to write with credibility that what you are promising will happen.

The 4 U’s Formula

Speaking of 4 P’s and 4 C’s, there is another copywriting technique with the 4 U’s. These are:

  • Useful: be useful to the reader.
  • Urgent: provide a sense of urgency.
  • Unique: convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow unique.
  • Ultra-specific: be ultra-specific with all of the above.

Looking for a way to write a great Twitter headline? The 4 U’s formula seems to be ready for social media. The elements of urgency and specificity fit well with the fast pace of social media and the limited amount of text. If you can master this copywriting strategy, you can see excellent results for your online campaigns.


As you can see, copywriting is a method that is being used more and more. Not only to sell specific products or services but also to promote or simply post on social media using copywriting techniques.

And the digital age demands such persuasive, up-close, direct, engaging, and humanized texts for the viewer, no matter what field they see them in.

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