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How to Use Fancy Fonts on Instagram and Other Social Media: Five Easy Tips


Fancy fonts make your words look more artistic and creative. The fonts go above and beyond the plainness of many typefaces. So, they’re ideal to use when you want to make a big impression.

You may find it very beneficial to use fancy fonts for the content you post on Instagram and your other social media channels.

There are loads of different fancy fonts available in a wide range of styles and designs, so as long as you spend time searching for fancy fonts that suit your brand and mission, you can make your content stand out. In turn, that means you can get more likes and shares.

If you’ve no idea how to get started, check out the following five easy tips for using fancy fonts on social media.

1.   Familiarize Yourself with How to Change Fonts on Different Social Media Channels

First off, you should look at how your different social media accounts allow you to use different fonts. You may be limited in the font generators you can use for specific social media channels.

By familiarizing yourself with the different font options for each of your social media accounts, you will be able to better proceed with your typeface changes.

Let’s take a look at Instagram as an example. The first thing you need to do is find a font generator that is compatible with Instagram. Once you have found a suitable font generator, you can change the fonts of your Instagram bio, posts, and Instagram Stories.

For instance, to change your Instagram bio, begin by selecting the font you want to use from your font generator. Write or paste your text in the box and copy it. Then tap on your profile on the Instagram app. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ and paste your text. It really is as simple as that.

2.   Use a Font Generator

As mentioned above, you’ll need to use a good font generator to find a range of different fancy fonts that you could use on your social media sites.

If your social media accounts have limitations regarding the font generators you can use, you still have the option of selecting the precise fancy font you want to use and then using that typeface as part of the images that you post to your Instagram account and other social media accounts.

Just make sure that the font, like the imagery you use, is easily scalable. You don’t want to lose any resolution when scaling your images and text up or down.

There are several font generators available, but the one from Picsart is perhaps the best font generator option available. You can use Picsart’s fancy text generator to write, copy, and then paste your content into your social media posts and bios.

3.   Make Sure the Font You Choose Is Readable

The one drawback of some fancy fonts is that they are difficult to read. That doesn’t apply to all fancy fonts by any means, but you should still be aware of how readable the font is that you choose.

The very nature of fancy fonts means they are more decorative and fancier than planer types of fonts, so it’s important you don’t overlook the readability.

Fancy fonts can certainly be very useful for attracting people’s attention on social media, but you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if the font isn’t easy to read. People won’t spend time with your content. They’ll move on to other content that is easy to read.

So, even if you find a fancy font that you think has the perfect design to suit your brand, ensure it is readable before you decide to use it.

If you run a business and are utilizing social media to promote your business, it could even be worth testing how people respond to the different fancy fonts you’re considering using to ensure you select the best ones.

4.   Select Fancy Fonts That Suit Your Brand and Appeal to Your Target Audience

You also need to choose a fancy font that caters to your target audience. For example, if your social media content is aimed at a high-end clientele, you could choose an elegant font. Alternatively, if your content is all about fun, you could choose a fancy font that has a fun element.

In addition to choosing fonts that will appeal to your target audience, make sure the fonts you pick suit your brand and are used consistently across your different social media channels as well as your website.

5.   Don’t Use Too Many Different Fonts

Lastly, it’s not just important that you don’t use lots of different fonts across your social media accounts. It’s also important that you don’t use too many different fonts in single pieces of content.

For example, if you use one font for a heading and three different fonts in your content, you’ll just confuse your readers. Your content needs to be aesthetically pleasing and simple. Using too many different fancy fonts will have the opposite effect and will stop people from engaging with your content.