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Top Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Survive Nowadays Without Digital Marketing


Before YouTube and social media, you had to get on the phone and market your product or service. This marketing method was called telemarketing, and it took a lot of time and logistics to do right. If you try to pull off something like that in 2022, you risk going out of business faster than a drowning pigeon.

Instead, social media nowadays is all the rage, and you better believe that leveraging its power can only do great things for your business. Here are a few reasons you can’t thrive without digital marketing in today’s business world.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

As soon as any topic about a business model comes up, speed should be at the forefront. Digital marketing saves you distance and time by allowing you to reach a wider audience faster and more precisely.

You can set up an ad, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram account and start marketing immediately. Using the tools like banner maker, flyer creators or Instagram post generators will make your work much easier. People who don’t utilize digital marketing fast enough risk losing a ton of revenue and potential clients and customers.

Market Research and Ad Creation

Although you should work quickly to beat the competition, that does not mean churning out mediocre work just to give yourself some brownie points. A beneficial usage of digital marketing means being able to research the market, follow trends, understand dos and don’ts, and allow yourself the needed time to adapt.

Back to traditional marketing methods, imagine having to do customer persona research without accessing the internet or utilizing its communication tools. It’s another reason to appreciate digital marketing and its benefits for businesses.

Effective ad creation is also another result of the digital marketing revolution. Regular business owners can set their campaigns and promote their work efficiently without hiring big marketing companies and paying them thousands of dollars. Although marketing companies can do better depending on their experience, sometimes businesses can’t afford such costs in the early days of starting up.

Personalized Content

Before the internet, companies wasted time and effort reaching out to a specific segment of people. Then, they had to pitch their business ideas to them by phone or in-person meetings and communicate over months to determine whether the project would succeed.

That is not an intelligent business methodology in the internet era. Now, you have to tailor your product to individuals. One way to do that is to communicate over email, social media platforms, and online reviews and forms to understand what your customers want.

It allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors who have already released their products and services to the public and is also the mark of creative business leadership. Digital marketing saves you and your clients a lot of time and money when deciding on the best approaches in the form of a win-win situation in which everyone is satisfied with the results.

Constant Feedback and Preventative Measures

To keep the contrast theme alive in this blog, let’s turn back the clock and remember how people fought to save their floundering businesses. First of all, the internet and virtual assistants were not around; You had to wait until quarterly revenue started rolling in to see whether your business was making money or not.

It meant that you had less time to evaluate your decisions, and a longer waiting time was required to change things. If big mistakes happened, it was too late to fix them. With digital marketing, your entire business process can be handled at every point of the way. You can make better choices thanks to what tools provide immediate feedback you can learn from and adapt to.

Digital marketing offers a high level of flexibility to change campaigns in seconds and target a different audience based on real-time metrics and automated observations.

The Importance of SEO

Taking your entire business online is important to stay relevant. However, online business done well means that you adhere to SEO standards. What are those, you might ask? They’re the internet police that dictate whether your website, product or marketing campaign will see the light.

Search Engine Optimization is a collection of algorithms implemented by Google or otherwise, making it possible for your site to generate traffic. More exposure, more customers, and more profits. The key to benefitting from SEO is committing to its requirements as much as possible in all relevant digital marketing approaches. Most importantly, don’t ignore SEO, as you don’t just want to be another unseen gem in a sea of mediocrity.


To wrap up, you can’t even blink nowadays without using the internet to learn how to do it professionally. The same goes for setting up an online business and keeping it going. Avoid common pitfalls like relying on traditional ‘slow’ methods that do nothing but waste valuable time and money. Focus on utilizing technology correctly, and soon, you might be one of the leaders in the industry of your choice.

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