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Website Design Options Ideal for Music Production Companies

Music production

If you operate a music production company, you’ll need to design your website in the right way to attract visitors and engage potential clients.

Get started by checking out the following helpful design advice.

Choosing the Right Website Template

One of the most important things you need to look at before anything else is the style of your website template. You need to use a template that enables your website to shine. Your site needs to look attractive for your type of clientele. It also needs to be easily navigable.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a website template design that will give your prospective clients the confidence to find out more about your company and your services, and follow calls to action.

You need a template that will get your professionalism across but also demonstrates your approachability and uniqueness. It’s a good idea to choose a template for your website that has space at the top for a header image and logo.

Also, many music production companies use whitespace with pops of color that contains appropriate imagery and text.

Selecting the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme for your website needs to match your brand. It also needs to suit your industry. So, spend some time looking at which combinations of colors will work best. You should stick to just two or three complementary colors.

Typically, music production companies opt for colors like silver, black, and a pop of bright color like orange or red.

Creating a Clear Homepage

Any website needs to have a clear homepage that instantly tells a visitor what the site is about and uses text and imagery to pull people in and prompt them to explore the site more. A website for a music production company is no different.

You should use UX and UI design principles for your homepage and across your other web pages. Make sure your homepage is clear and uncluttered.

You should use appropriate, attractive, and engaging images and text on your homepage that will get potential clients’ attention. But don’t go overboard. You should include just enough information to pique people’s interest without giving them sensory and information overload.

Remember: the key to a good homepage design is to make a visitor want to browse the rest of your website.

Adding the Right Calls to Action

The main aim of your website will be to attract new clients, so you should spend time looking at all of the services your music production website offers and then tailor your content in the right manner to demonstrate what you provide.

You can then use aesthetically-pleasing call to action buttons to prompt visitors to take the right actions to find out more about your company and your services. For example, you could have a call to action button that people click on to get a quote or to sign up for a newsletter.

The design of your call-to-action buttons needs to make the buttons stand out but the design should also suit the rest of your website’s design.

Adding Imagery to Your Website

In addition to finding the right imagery for your homepage, you should make good use of images throughout your website.

You could use generic images of things like an audio interface, a microphone, or someone playing guitar. But you should also incorporate images that show off your company. For instance, you could include photos of your team hard at work behind the scenes, pictures of your recording studio, or images of bands recording sessions.

People respond well to images, so the more thought you put into the visual side of your website’s design, and the more you ensure you use original and eye-catching imagery, the more you can pull people in and get them to engage more with your site. In turn, that will lead to more conversions.

It could be a good idea to have a dedicated gallery page, where visitors can view multiple photographs that sum up what your music production company is all about.

Including Music

You need to consider the audio element of your website’s design as much as the visual design. You do run a music production company, after all. So, the music that plays as people navigate your site is of the utmost importance.

Take a look at this site to find free music by genres and mood. You should also include music samples of the work you have done for past clients. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated page on your website that showcases your best examples of music production.

Adding Testimonials

You should have a dedicated page that lists all of your company’s services. On that page, you should also include testimonials from satisfied clients.

When visitors to your site can easily read about how satisfied your previous clients were with your work, they are more likely to get in touch with you and become clients themselves.