7 Great Online Logo Generators to Boost Your Brand

14 December 2022
7 Great Online Logo Generators to Boost Your Brand

Nearly a third of consumers are more inclined to trust and buy from a brand that they know. And the best representation of a brand is a logo. It is the mark of your business and will be the first thing people will recognize even before they see your store, product, or service.

Such is the importance of a logo that companies spend millions to craft the right one that will embody their business. Today, you don’t have to hire expensive design agencies or download complicated design software to create an attractive logo.

In this article, we’ll examine seven great online logo generators that will aid you to come up with a logo you envision and help boost your brand without breaking the bank.

What is an Online Logo Generator?

Simply put, an online logo generator is a specialized web-based program or platform where you can design a logo. They are also sometimes known as logo makers or logo creators but whatever is the moniker, they provide one thing – an easy way for you to build your logo online.

Previously, your options for having a business logo entail hiring a graphic artist or a design agency at a rather high cost. We wrote about this extensively with our article on web design service options for small business.

A third solution was to download a graphics software and create a logo yourself, which would also come at a cost – your money and time. And if you’re a design newbie, it will demand your patience and steep learning curve.

Now, online builder platforms have proliferated where you can design and create entire websites, web pages, marketing and promotional materials, and a host of other graphic design items. Of course, the logo is in the menu of the many design types you can create.

The advantages of these online logo generators are that they are extremely easy to use and inexpensive. Since they are online platforms, they can be accessed by any connected device. Some offer free versions or even a free plan. Paid options are available in case you need more advance tools and features.

On top of the many benefits is the use of artificial intelligence wherein you just input your preferences and the logo generator will come up with several selections for you to choose from. About 90% of the process is automated and you just do some tweaks afterwards if needed.

How Does a Logo Boost Your Brand?

There are many ways a well-designed logo can help boost your brand. Here are some of them.

  • Impression. You would want the first impression of your brand to be a lasting impression. A recognizable logo will give you that. Remember that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text hence many companies prefer visual branded logos.
  • Visibility. Your logo is a branding asset that you can show digitally and physically. You can have it printed on corporate letterheads, business forms, product packaging, brochures, ads, posters, business cards, etc. Likewise, you can display it on your websites, landing pages, web forms, social media, and other online channels giving you wide visibility for your brand.
  • Recognition. People would need five to seven impressions to recognize a logo. That becomes shorter for established brands. Recognition is even instant for some like the twin golden arches for a popular fast-food company or the three stripes of a well-known sports apparel brand. If you have no logo then people would have no quick way to identify you.
  • Reputation. Your business logo carries not only the identity but also the character of your brand. Through the years, particular brands have been associated with certain attributes. For example, there’s a US tech company whose fruit logo is synonymous to top-of-the-line smartphones and tablets. A logo will bring to audiences’ awareness of your brand and its connected reputation.

Effective branding and promotion are much easier with a logo at hand. Now what are some of the best logo generators in the market? There are several of them but we picked seven based on ease of use, features, and affordability. If there is a free plan, the better. Let’s check them out.

Best Online Logo Generators

1. LOGO.com


Image credit: logo.com

Logo.com is a dedicated logo generator platform that uses advanced machine learning algorithm to give you unique logo designs for your business. This enables you to set up your brand quickly without the complication. Logo.com takes care of 90% of the work making it a fast and flexible branding solution.

The greatest appeal of Logo.com is that it’s free with no hidden cost. You can design as many logos, do unlimited edits, and download high-resolution files in various formats that are web and print-ready. Moreover, you get full ownership of your logo even if you delete your account or cancel your plan.

Logo.com goes beyond logo making. It offers a complete in-house branding solution with tools for creating various assets and materials like business cards, letterheads, social posts, and others. And it’s the only paid option fittingly called the Brand Plan.

Key Features

  • Use artificial intelligence
  • Unlimited logo design
  • Free to download logo
  • Full color, hi-res files
  • Brand package
  • Branded templates
  • Design assets

How It Works

  1. Enter your company/business name
  2. Add a tagline, slogan, and text if you wish (or leave it empty)
  3. Select a logo design you like
  4. Edit and customize your design (ex. color, icon, slogan)
  5. Preview your logo (see how it looks like on apps, business card, and merchandise)
  6. Download the logo and other files that come with your package


  • Free Plan – High-res files; web-ready, design & print Files; transparent backgrounds; business card templates; unlimited edits; lifetime customer support.
  • Brand Plan – $10/month, includes branded stationery, business card maker, social post creator, email signatures, letterheads, brand guidelines, zoom backgrounds, branded mockups, and custom design tools.


  • AI-driven platform
  • Easy navigation
  • No limits on design and customization
  • Lots of creative options
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Generous free plan
  • Great customer support


  • We found no drawbacks (yet) for Logo.com. It has an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot and 5.0 ratings from customer reviews. Our own experience with Logo.com can be summed up as flawless.
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2. Looka


Image credit: looka.com

Looka is an AI-powered logo generator platform designed to help you launch your business and build your brand. It is billed as your “personal designer” equipped with all the tools, resources, and customization you need to create a logo that mirrors your vision for your brand.

With Looka, you’ll be instantly presented with an array of custom logo mockups once you put in your business name, style, and color preferences. Artificial intelligence will do all the design heavy lifting.

More than just a logo maker, Looka provides a complete brand kit, social media kit, and business card maker so you can grow your business with custom marketing materials. There are hundreds of design templates you can use and dozens of design types you can do. Read our Looka review here.

Key Features

  • AI logo generator
  • 300+ branded templates
  • 200 logo mockups
  • 100s of logo mockups
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Customization
  • Brand kit
  • Social media kit

How It Works

  1. Enter business name and choose logo styles, symbols, and colors.
  2. AI logo generator will create logo design mockups
  3. Browse the resulting 100% custom logos
  4. Looka will come up with more designs as you scroll down
  5. Using the editor, change symbols, colors, layouts, fonts, sizes, and spacing


  • Free – Create and design a logo
  • Basic Logo Package – $20 (one-time purchase) for one low-res file
  • Premium Logo Package – $65 (one-time purchase) for multiple logo file types
  • Brand Kit Subscription – $96/year (billed annually)
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription – $192/year (billed annually)


  • AI-powered platform
  • Fast and efficient
  • Great looking logos
  • Complete customization
  • Many extra features


  • No free plan
  • Limited basic logo package
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3. TailorBrands

Tailor Brands

Image credit: tailorbrands.com

TailorBrands is a design and branding platform that offers tools for creating logos, websites, and digital business cards. It also helps customers in LLC formation and to come up with the perfect business domain name.

Its logo generator utilizes artificial intelligence, making it easy to design and create a logo with just a few clicks. The generated logos are not pre-made but custom-designed by an AI algorithm based on your brand identity and business.

TailorBrands provides you full control to personalize the logo of your choice. You can easily modify elements such as fonts, icons, and colors. You don’t need design skills and everything can be done in a few simple steps. Read our TailorBrands logo maker review here.

Key Features

  • AI logo generator
  • 100s of logo design variations
  • High-resolution logo files in various image formats
  • 21 resized logo versions for use in different social media sites
  • Branded assets (ex. letterheads, business cards)
  • Extra business tools (for creating websites and print branded merchandise)

How It Works

  1. Provide basic business info (company name, business type)
  2. Pick a logo style to match your business (ex. logotype, monogram, icon logo)
  3. Choose your preferred fonts
  4. Logo generator with create a selection of unique logos in under a minute
  5. Customize the logo design
  6. Download your logo (hi-res vector EPS, SVG, and PNG logo files are available through membership plans)


  • Free – Create and download low-resolution logo file
  • Basic Membership Plan– $3.99/month (billed annually) for JPEG and PNG files + resizing tool
  • Standard Membership Plan– $5.99/month (billed annually) for vector files + business card & business presentation tools
  • Premium Membership Plan– $12.99/month (billed annually) for website and social media tools


  • AI logo generator
  • Various customization options
  • Several selections for colors, fonts, and images
  • Multiple downloadable file types and formats


  • Requires membership signup and you providing user info (which may be an issue for those with privacy concerns)
  • Not exactly standout logo designs
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4. Placeit


Image credit: placeit.net

Placeit fuses technology and design to give you easy to use marketing and branding tools. Its main offerings are smart mockups and design creators for various uses including web, print, merchandise, videos, and more. A logo maker is one of its popular tools.

The logo generator comes with thousands of industry-specific logo templates created by professional graphic designers. These templates span dozens of industries including sports, automotive, music, restaurants, games, etc. They are finely crafted to match whatever is your business or brand.

Placeit has three main goals with its tools – ease of use, affordability, and availability of templates for all kinds of interests. As such, its platform doesn’t require any artistic or technical skills for you to come up with top-level logo designs at minimal time and cost.

Key Features

  • 8,000 professional-made logo templates
  • Templates for 100 industries
  • Hundreds of graphic elements and options
  • Easy to use drag-and-drag editor
  • Animated logo version

How It Works

  1. Pick a suitable logo template for your industry/business
  2. Customize fonts and other design/graphic elements
  3. If you so choose, get the animated version of your sports or gaming logos
  4. Download logo and print as big a size as you need


  • Unlimited subscription – $7.47/month (billed annually) includes unlimited downloads


  • Templates galore
  • Web and print-ready logo designs
  • Animated logo
  • One simple pricing plan


  • No AI-powered operation
  • No free plan
Check Envat Place It Pricing

5. Canva


Image credit: canva.com

Canva is a highly-rated and widely used online design and collaborative platform. While it is a favorite of marketers and businesses because it lets you involve your team in design projects, it caters to just about anybody with no design or creative background.

The appeal of Canva is its user-friendly tools that allow you to design a diverse range of materials including flyers, banners, posters, invitations, business cards, social media graphics, presentations, etc. Logos are on the list with a dedicated logo maker.

Canva provides you all the components you need to create a custom logo fast and easy. Although design professionals will also find it robust enough, the logo maker was specially built for the use of non-designers with its intuitive tools and simple drag-and-drop interface.

Key Features

  • Built-in templates
  • Designer-approved color combination
  • Drag-and-drop editor/builder
  • Icons & illustrations library
  • File format options

How It Works

  1. Open Canva and head to the logo maker
  2. Choose a logo template and layout that fits your business
  3. Customize and tweak your logo design (ex. fonts, images, texts, color combination)
  4. Apply more design features and elements (ex. icons, stickers, vectors, animation)
  5. Download and save logo as JPEG, PNG or PDF file


  • Canva Free – No cost for educational and not-for-profit users. It’s also free for individuals for their personal use with limited access to design assets.
  • Canva Pro –from $12.99/month for the first user, then $6.99/month for each additional user.
  • Canva Enterprise – from $30/month.


  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Powerful but flexible tools
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Huge templates and design assets library
  • More than adequate free plan


  • Other tools and features accessible only with premium plans
  • User privacy concerns
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Image credit: turbologo.com

Turbologo is a web-based logo maker tool that allows you to create your custom logo in a matter of minutes. The program comes with an easy-to-use design tool that lets you choose the right template, apply design elements, and customize to your preference, all for free. You only pay once you’re satisfied and ready to download the logo.

A suitable tool for freelancers, startups, and small business owners because of its usability and affordability, Turbologo uses an intuitive editor, has a huge library of logo templates, and offers multi-device support. It boasts of more than 50K companies around the globe that use its platform.

Key Features

  • Professional logo templates
  • Use & access the platform on any device
  • Intuitive editor
  • High-resolution PNG & JPEG files
  • Print-ready vector SVG or PDF files
  • Brand kit

How It Works

  1. Enter your company name, business filed, and slogan
  2. Choose an inspiration from a collection of images
  3. Design a logo and from there Turbologo will show you different logo variations
  4. Customize the design if you want to tweak it further
  5. Download your logo in any format you prefer.


Rates shown here are one-time payments good for 3 months of editing. Prices are a bit higher for a full-year editing period.

  • Lite – $7, one logo file
  • Standard – $10, high-res log images, vector files, unlimited revisions, etc.
  • Business – $19, full features + brand kit


  • User-friendly navigation and interface
  • Fast and easy logo creation
  • Lots of icons from a ready-made catalog
  • Several color schemes and variations
  • Custom logo – every logo generated is original


  • No free logo downloads
  • So many choices (ex. design, styles, elements)
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7. VistaCreate


Image credit: create.vista.com

VistaCreate is an all-in-one online design platform where you can create eye-catching visual content for social media, events, marketing, promotion, and other business or personal endeavors. Its logo maker is just one of its many offerings.

The logo generator platform offers a quick and easy way to create a unique business logo. It provides a huge library of studio-grade logo templates, fonts, vectors, and other design elements, giving you all the tools and resources you need for your logo project.

One of the most compelling reasons to use VistaCreate’s logo maker is its low-cost pricing. That involves just one paid plan that includes everything and a free plan brimming with features.

Key Features

  • User-friendly editor
  • One-click transparent background
  • 100K industry-specific templates
  • 50K custom objects & design elements
  • Multiple file formats

How It Works

  • Open your VistaCreate account and click on the logo format under Marketing Materials
  • Choose from ready-made templates or create your own logo
  • Customize the logo design to match your brand
  • Save your logo and add it to you brand kit


  • Starter Plan – Free, with access to design templates, brand kit, 10GB storage, etc.
  • Pro – $13/month includes all Starter features + access to 70M photos, vectors, and videos; unlimited brand kits and storage, among others.


  • Option to design your logo or let the platform do most of the work
  • Massive collection of templates & design assets
  • Feature-filled free Starter plan
  • Simple pricing


  • Problem of choice (with so many design elements, assets & options)
  • Some features are not related or specific to logo making

If you have the resources to hire a graphic artist or design agency, then you’re free to go that route. But if budget is an issue and you want to lessen the cost involved in these inflationary times, then designing the logo yourself is the practical path to take. In addition, you’ll have a greater stake and will be personally invested since it’s mostly a do-it-yourself activity.

As you’ve seen from our examples above of great online logo generators, it is a user-friendly option that’s easy on the pocket. It doesn’t require steep learning and specialized software setup. You can have an impressive logo in no time – something your audience can easily recognize and identify your business with. Try out any of these logo makers and you’re off on a splendid start to boost your brand.