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AppSumo Deals Review: It’s worth a try

appsumo deals

Does your business lack visibility and growth? Try the smart solution AppSumo to promote your business to your target customers. It is a digital marketplace that offers invaluable deals for entrepreneurs on their favorite digital software. New deals are added to the website every week, where you can expect savings from 50% – 99% on applications to grow your business.

The deals are so tempting that it stocks out within no time. Deals usually offer the potential to stack codes. You can purchase multiple codes to get more features.  The significant part is that an introductory video usually accompanies each deal. Customers who have used the website have awesome results in just 14 days. To know more, check out our AppSumo review.

About AppSumo

AppSumo is a go-to eCommerce website that offers daily deals on digitally delivered services and goods. It also helps online businesses to reach plenty of new customers and boost sales fast. This Texas-based company was established in 2010 by Noah Kagan.

Important Details


 Let’s dive into AppSumo features:

  • Owned and operated by tech professionals
  • Great deals on high-quality products for very low prices
  • Stringent testing of every single tool prior selling
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • No spam mail
  • Major discounts on web-related courses
  • Few digital software allows you to stack codes. This lets you save more time and get more benefits.
  •  AppSumo newsletter offers you special access to their latest offers.
  • The company is featured in the TechCrunch Washington Post, Lifehacker, etc.

How Does It Work?

AppSumo partners with digital product sellers and service providers willing to offer the products and services at major discounts. It negotiates deals depending on the size of the audience.

The company then examines each software and distributes details about deals to the online audience to quickly facilitate huge sales. Deals typically begin at $49 (US Dollars). They focus mainly on the tech world as well as the start-up community.

After that, AppSumo makes a 50 to 90% discount and sells them as a lifetime license to use the product. When any deal appeals to you, just follow the prompts to complete the buying. However, sellers can set a few deals they want to make available.

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is a premium membership program that offers users an extra 10% discount for a yearly price of $99. The Plus membership also offers access to the KingSumo Giveaway platform, previous deals, and many other special deals. It also provides exclusive invitations to special events.

Users just need to pay the full amount initially to reap the perks. You can even cancel your AppSumo subscription at any time. But remember, canceling cancels it for that day. With AppSumo Plus, I have saved plenty of money.

AppSumo Briefcase

Are you tired of paying bills for individual tools of your business? AppSumo Briefcase is the ideal solution. It is an ultimate toolkit for business tycoons that will allow them to access dozens of premium software to scale their business. The toolkit includes business tools and software for all your business needs. They fall under the following categories:

  • Scheduling
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social Media Automation
  • SEO

This means you could get all the software and tools your company needs in one place without any hassle. The biggest benefit of AppSumo Briefcase is that users just need to pay once to get access to the premium tools.

 Pros and Cons

Just like any other products or services, AppSumo has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of AppSumo.


AppSumo Provides the Best Solution for Your Marketing Needs 

AppSumo offers a wide variety of productivity products that can be used in all aspects of internet marketing. You will get deals from content creation, email marketing, social media tools, e-books, video creation, YouTube marketing, etc.

This can help your business reach the next level of success in no time. The bonus part is AppSumo offers all the deals at 90% off on its original price.

Generous with Freebies

AppSumo offers a few digital products, tutorials, e-books, and software as a freebie. Make sure you check out these freebies from time to time. It will make you aware of how to redeem the codes on the AppSumo platform.

After successful sign-up, all the future deals will be sent to you via your email. So, you can claim these free deals ASAP because after all the codes are gone, the deals are likely not to return.

Lets You Engage with Customers Quickly

The platform also helps businesses that need a quick influx of cash and reach more customers quickly. It has 700,000+ active subscribers, which is also a bonus point. You can even set a specific amount of deals to motivate your audience to buy right away.

They offer 60-Day Refund Policy

AppSumo also makes users confident in their purchase because it provides a 60-day refund policy, regardless of the reason. This allows you to thoroughly check the offer and read reviews to find whether it’s the right fit for you. If you did not find it suitable, you could get a full refund within 60 days.

Active and Friendly Management

hen a member with an active deal asks a question, there’s a chance that the founders or CEOs will answer the question themselves. This lets the member know that their relationship matters and that the management is aware of most questions or inquiry.

Boosts Your Brand’s Image

In case you have a resource or tool that you think the community will get an advantage of, you can submit it to the AppSumo Marketplace. If it gets a green signal, it will end up in the Marketplace Community. If the AppSumo company folks feature it, you’ll get a chance to get in front of millions of users.

 Highly Engaged Community

Appsumo also has an engaging community. When any new deal is launched, Sumo-lings regularly comment, share their opinions, and bargain with the seller. Because of useful feedback from real people, the product owners can improve their products and make them better over time.

Frequent Deals on Updates

If you are looking for new accounting software and cannot afford to pay for a significant upgrade, you can keep an eye on the website to grab the deal that fits that need.


Deals and Promos are Mostly Limited to New Users

The deals that AppSumo offers are mostly for new users letting down ones who have been loyal for some time. Their redemption codes are also only valid within sixty days of purchase.

Rigorous Approval Process

AppSumo’s approval process is not easy and takes time to be completed especially if you want to advertise your products.

AppSumo Affiliate Program

When you bring any new customer to the AppSumo platform, the company will pay 100% of their first (near about $50). You can even motivate a previous Appsumo customer to buy their deal. This can help you get 5% on all the affiliate purchases made by the returning customers.

 AppSumo Customer Support

AppSumo renders best-in-class customer support. The experienced support team pride in going above and beyond to resolve customers’ problems and make them happy.


Is AppSumo Legit? 

Yes. AppSumo is a legitimate and professional marketing company. My personal experience with the platform has been quite remarkable. If you do not fancy any deal, there is no pressure to buy.

Who Can Use AppSumo?

AppSumo is ideal for the following audiences:

  • For start-up companies planning to launch their app on a network as big as the AppSumo platform.
  • For small businesses that require diverse software to get their business running.
  • For customers that want to conduct business transactions on the platform.

What Are Lifetime Deals on AppSumo?

Lifetime Deals means you need to pay for software only once, and you can keep using it for a lifetime.

Are AppSumo Offers Worth their Cost?

Yes. AppSumo platform deals are worth their cost. It is because it partners with well-reputed tech companies. You just need to read digital product reviews before you choose any lifetime deal.

 How Can I Grab the Best Deals?

Just pay special attention to AppSumo emails from around Black Friday or other major occasions. The company offers tons of excellent deals for the festive weekend, mainly during November month. This allows you to save money on the wallet.

Why Does AppSumo Offer Huge Discounts?

AppSumo has earned millions of dollars for the companies that partner with it. There are mainly new companies on this platform. As they are not well established, their main aim is to build an audience base.

This helps them test their products before heading towards the launch and get feedback to improve their software to cater to users’ demands. That is why they provide their software at heavy discounts to AppSumo members.

What Are AppSumo Alternatives?

Most notable AppSumo alternatives include:

  • StackSocial
  • DealMirror
  • Greedeals
  • PitchGround
  • Dealify


AppSumo started as a store for nerds and entrepreneurs to grab the best deals. But today, it has grown into a suite of marketing tools to allow users to increase conversion faster and easier.

It’s vital to take into account each ‘deal’ and find out how it associates with your business before you buy. Only purchase required digital products and software for your business.

I liked AppSumo deals very much and bought a few of the deals. I highly recommend this marketplace for small companies and solopreneurs. My rating for the AppSumo platform is 9.8 out of 10. Sign up at the AppSumo website today!

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