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Penji Review – Unlimited design service, really ?

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Are you a blog writer and looking for an effective way to make your blog stand out? Do you wish to achieve your promotional objectives in the quickest possible time?  Yes! Then Penji is your answer.

When you search for a particular topic on the internet, you come across multiple blogs, but what catches your attention? It’s valuable content and the ultimate graphic design. Isn’t it?

Though you can write the content as per your knowledge, what about the graphic designs? Most of the answers here might be – hire a graphic designer! But some are not willing to overpay for graphic design and looking for an alternative to accomplish their marketing goals. For such inspiring bloggers, Penji saves the legwork of looking for high-quality designers or any complicated contracts.

Our review will give a better idea about its features and other details. To let our readers make an informed decision, we will also list the associated pros and cons. Dig into it to understand how Penji can help you and why you need to select it for making your blog outstanding.

About Penji 

Now no more overpaying for good graphic designs with Penji! From infinite projects to unlimited revisions, Penji can do the work for you at a nominal price. It’s simple yet catchy and fast designs, and affordable prices made it win thousands of individuals or brands trust. Through their limitless programs, the company offers services at highly discounted prices without hampering the work quality.

VERIFIED April 2021

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Thousands of agencies and marketers have already trusted the 100% risk-free Penji, so why don’t you avail the benefit of its amazing services. Watch the demo now to understand its working and get yourself registered with the plan that suits your requirements.

Important Details


  • Unlimited design projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Dedicated account manager for a smooth experience
  • Team collaboration
  • Ownership of all your original files
  • Custom illustrations, typography
  • App and web designs
  • Banners, social media content, digital ads
  • Business cards, flyers and sales sheet, infographics
  • Books and magazines, stationaries, and packaging and labels
  • Promotional materials, t-shirts
  • Logos, pitch decks

Design Pickle

How Penji Works?

Getting yourself registered at Penji means you are working seamlessly. To start with it, all you need to do is, fill the simple form to let the designers understand your requirements. You can upload any attachments that you wish to include in the design and can also select the file types.

Once you provide all the required details, Penji does the remaining work for you. Your project is then assigned to the top designers selected with it. To ensure optimum quality and complete the project in the fastest time, Penji only works with the top 2% of the graphic designers.

Penji designers will develop the first draft within the next 24-48 hours after the project submission. Isn’t it really quick? Of course, it is! Not only this, if you are not pleased with the designs, Penji allows its users to ask for unlimited revisions till the time you are 100% satisfied and happy with the designs. You can even leave the revisions directly on the draft to let the designers know exactly your requirements and what they need to edit. This will help them satisfy you at the earliest and complete the project without any delay. Even if you are not happy with the designer, just let Penji know, and your designer will be swapped in no time.

Once you are satisfied with the designs, you have the right to download them instantly and have complete ownership of your files. Your files are saved on Penji for your future reference. You can access them from your dashboard.

Plans and Pricing

Penji offers you three plans – Pro with graphic designs only, Team with graphic design plus illustrations, as well as UX/UI, and Agency with team plan and double output. These plans are available for a monthly, quarterly, and yearly period. You can save 10% by opting for quarterly and 15% for yearly plans. Select the right plan that fits your requirements. If not satisfied, you can cancel any plan anytime, as there are no contracts. Penji does not charge you any hidden fees, and every plan comes with a 15 day 100% money-back guarantee without any strings or conditions attached. Visit now to get the complete details about the plans

VERIFIED April 2021

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Customer Support

Penji provides its user’s customer support through a dedicated account manager that provides a smooth working experience. You only need to submit the project and leave the rest of the work to the manager. You will be made available with the first draft by them.

Penji also allows its users to talk with the team through online chat and get your queries resolved at the quickest.

Pros and Cons

To make our readers take the right decision, we are listing here the associated pros and cons of using Penji. Read through them to make the best choice.


Quick Response

It doesn’t matter at what time of the day you require the services, Penji is very quick in its responses, and you get first draft within the next 24-48 hours. So, if you are running on a tight schedule, Penji is the right option for you.

Unlimited Revision

Penji ensures to keep its clients 100% satisfied and allows them to get unlimited revisions in the design prepared by the Penji graphic designers. Revisions are also completed in the next 24 hours. Moreover, you can even ask Penji to change your designer if you do not like the assigned designer style. So, when you are at Penji, nothing can stop you from the designs you are looking for.


Penji has ultimate pricing plans for its users. You can start with the basic plan at only $399 per month, whereas if you look for an individual designer, you will be ending up spending thousands every month.

No Contracts

Penji does not charge any hidden fees from its users. As there is no complicated contract so you can end any plan anytime if you do not like it.

Ownership of Designs

Though Penji creates the designs for you, it offers you full ownership of the created designs.

More Designers for More Work

If you opt for an agency plan and have more work that is difficult to handle by a single designer, then Penji offers you 2 designers to meet your work demand.


No Verbal Communication

You can converse with the designers and explain your needs by email or through the dashboard. But if you are willing to converse with them on the phone, then there is no such option.

Not Preferable for Less work

If you have consistent work, then Penji is worth the money spending. But if you do not have more work, then there is no point going for a longer pack. Here we would like to tell that even if you need the service only for a few hours a month then a freelancer might not be available for you. But Penji is always there for you. When you have some project, then cancel and sign up again when you need the service.

VERIFIED April 2021

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What is unlimited graphic design?

It means you are charged on a flat monthly rate and not on an hourly basis or based on the per project. These flat charges are irrespective of the number of projects that you submit at Penji. Once your first project complete, immediately Penji moves on to the next one in the queue.

Can Penji complete the project in any language other than English?

Penji cannot translate texts. But yes, if you provide the whole content required for the project completion and also give the instructions in English, it can finish the project in any language.

Is there any concession for referring Penji to others?

Yes, you can use Penji for free if you refer it to other customers. With time, the commission can add up or can even exceed the charges that you are paying for monthly membership.

Is it possible to switch between plans every month?

Yes, you can switch between plans anytime when you feel like doing so. You are not enrolled in a long-time membership, so changing or cancelling it can be done without any hassle.


Visuals are more attention-grabbing than words, so why not give a visually appealing look to your content. Whether you need 1 design or 1000’s, by the end of our review, we can say that going with Penji is like a win-win situation. Register now to grab more traffic to your blogs. The service will be worth the money spent by you. However, if you don’t like it, you always have the option of 15-day money-back guarantee. But we are sure you won’t feel the need to utilize this money-back guarantee offer. Hurry up, reach Penji, and get the first design completed in the next 24-48 hours.

VERIFIED April 2021

Special discount for Penji

15% Off with our Exclusive Promo Code (first month)

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