Kimp Review and Coupon Code

3 February 2022

Kimp Explained

Kimp is a platform that connects users with a project manager and 3 designers to complete unlimited videos and graphics for a flat monthly fee. Save time and money with a dedicated and talented team at your disposal. 

Kimp Pros

Here are the benefits of using Kimp for all your design needs.

Versatile Expertise

When you sign up to Kimp, you’re given a team of 3 designers with different expertise: illustrations, prints, or digital. Unlike other services that also offer mobile or website design, your team is focused entirely on graphic design, meaning that they are highly specialized.

Project Manager

Along with your team of expert designers, you’ll also be assigned a project manager. They’ll communicate with your designers and help you structure your task requests to optimize the workflow.

Fast Output

Most graphic design companies only complete one task at a time. Kimp doubles that by having their designers work on two tasks at a time. This increased output effectively doubles the number of creations you get for your money. Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription to include video editing at any time as your company scales.

Unlimited Revisions

In addition, you can request unlimited revisions from your designers. However, your revision requests will join the queue of requests, so it might delay other tasks.

Excellent Video Editing

Whether you sign up for the video subscription individually or the Graphics + Video plan, Kimp’s video editors can enhance your footage or create videos from scratch. With a slightly longer turnaround, Kimp’s video services include animated static designs, animated typography, video ads, cinemagraphs, demo videos, and GIFs.

Customer Support

Whether their graphic design service is right for you or not, Kimp’s customer service is excellent. With the option to contact them via live chat 24/7, phone, or email, they’ll assist you. Kimp also reaches out to you proactively, sending onboarding emails and follow up calls to make sure you’re satisfied with Kimp.

Kimp Cons

The downsides of using Kimp include:

Bulk Designs

Kimp is excellent for bulk designs. If you need only one or two graphic designs a month, then you’ll be paying far more than necessary per design. Unfortunately, there is no single request option. So unless you have ongoing design needs, perhaps Kimp isn’t for you.

No Refunds

If you find that you don’t have enough designs to fill your Kimp subscription, you don’t get any refunds. You have to pay for months in which you don’t request any designs. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time as you are not locked into any contracts.

Time Zones

While Kimp tries to match designers and users in similar locations, you might find yourself working in different time zones. Therefore, quick tasks that you hope take a few hours might not get back to you until the next working day. 

Who Exactly Is Kimp For? 

Kimp is great for businesses of any size that need unlimited graphic designs at their disposal. Similarly, professional bloggers or website developers benefit.