Designmodo Review and Coupon Code

3 February 2022

Explaining Designmodo

Designmodo helps users create email templates, static web pages, and drag and drop websites with their three apps: Postcards, Slides, and Startup. Each is easy to use, flexible, and creates powerful email and web pages. No need to code anything, just sign up and get started. 

What’s Special About Designmodo?

Designmodo is a simple, easy design tool for anyone to create a beautiful website from scratch without any knowledge of design, developing, or coding needed. 

No Coding Required

You don’t need to know anything about coding to use Designmodo. With drag and drop features, pre-built templates, and an easy-to-use interface, you can create highly-professional, stylish, and unique web pages without a drop of experience. It’ll save you time and hassle so you can take your business online as soon as possible.

Free Resources

Designmodo offers many free resources before you even get onto their paid plans. It might not be a long term solution, but if you need a quick email design, then take advantage of their free elements and resources. Going forward, their premium plans are cost-effective and fairly priced, offering many pre-build templates and support to help you create your ideal website. 

High Quality Templates

Each template is high quality, beautiful, and customizable. Using drag and drop tools, you can easily edit and individualize each template to suit your brand. They have templates for every kind of email, from marketing to transactional. 

They encourage users to grow their skill sets with tutorials and educational blogs about how to build a website. Unlike their competitors, they offer information about design trends and development techniques.

Used By Global Enterprises

Designmodo is used by well known brands across the globe, including Adobe, Ikea, Nasa, Google, Microsoft, Disney, and Yahoo. You know you can trust Designmodo when some of the biggest names recommend their features.

Excellent Features

A subscription with Designmodo comes with the additional perks 

  • Job board — Designmodo hosts a job board for designers and developers to connect, building a professional community and encouraging innovation. They also post tutorials about trends and techniques to help budding designers. 
  • Affiliate program — Their affiliate program helps bloggers and digital marketers grow their audiences while working with Designmodo.
  • Advertisement potential — Designmodo works collectively with other designers and companies to promote each other, ensuring their customers can find the right solution for them.

Drawbacks of Designmodo

However, there are some drawbacks to Designmodo. 

Little Flexibility

Some of the themes offer little flexibility in terms of editing and customizing. This is particularly true of the free plan. With the advanced plan, you get access to a much wider range of features and themes with far more options for flexibility.

Limited Integration

The email designs have limited integrations, only supported by Mailchimp and Hubspot, making it a challenging solution for businesses that use other email management platforms.

Who Is Designmodo Aimed At?

Designmodo is designed to help anyone set up a professional looking website without understanding coding. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup, or a global enterprise, you’ll save time and effort with Designmodo.