Liquid Web Review and Coupon Code

3 February 2022

Who Are Liquid Web?

Liquid Web offers managed business hosting plans and dedicated servers to a wide range of established enterprises. With the strongest possible solutions available on each plan, you can guarantee that your website will be reliable.

Why Liquid Web Stands Out

Liquid Web boasts some pretty impressive customers—from Porsche to National Geographic. If it’s backed by giants like these, then you can trust that it’ll work for your business. 


Liquid Web’s 100% uptime guarantee is where it beats its competition. No other hosting service guarantees 100% uptime, it’s incredibly dependable. For any time that your website is down, you’ll receive 10 times that in credit. They also offer a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee. This means that any faulty hardware will be replaced within 30 minutes of being identified. 

Customer Service

Liquid Web’s customer service team is friendly, helpful, and skilled. Dedicated to helping you, they’ll respond to any issue if you reach out by phone or live chat 24/7/365. They boast their inhouse support team are “the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting”. Plus, they share many resources and guides to help you optimize your website. 

Unlimited Visitors

Liquid Web allows an unlimited number on any of its plans. Whether you’re a small business with minimal traffic or a larger enterprise with thousands of visitors a day, your website should remain fast and reliable. 

No Plugin Limits

Unlike other web hosting services, Liquid Web doesn’t limit the number of plugins you can use on your WordPress site. Install as many or as few plugins as you want to optimize your website. 

Site Migration Service

Liquid Web offers free web migration so you don’t have to worry about transferring your site over to their hosting services. Let the experts do it instead. 

What Could Be Better

While Liquid Web is the preferred hosting service among many powerful enterprises, it could still be improved.

No Shared Hosting

Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting on any of its plans. Instead, they focus their services on managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting, which are suitable for higher-traffic sites. The lack of shared hosting plans means that Liquid Web only offers premium packages.

Higher Costs

If you require high-powered, managed web hosting, then Liquid Web will do everything you need. However, it’s fast, reliable, and dedicated services come at a cost. Compared to its competition, Liquid Web is less affordable to smaller businesses. With no shared hosting plan, their plans are catered to businesses with high traffic and need of higher-powered hosting servers. 

Why You Should Host With Liquid Web

Liquid Web is best suited to enterprises with higher volumes of traffic and need of powerful, reliable managed web hosting. While small to medium businesses might benefit from Liquid Web’s 100% uptime guarantee and incredible support, its lack of shared hosting might make this option a little less affordable. 

But for those in need of cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting, Liquid Web will do the job.