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Email Marketing Still Works In 2021: Learn How to Do It Right

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Email marketing is still powerful in fetching new customers equivalent to social media, even in 2021. Email marketing is used to create impressive content, attract more customers and keep in touch with the clients at a very low cost or even for free using services like Mailchimp. Additionally, while social media platforms tend to go down more and more often, email keeps on being an effective way of communication.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of collecting the email IDs of potential and current customers and promoting products and offers to them. Various emails may showcase special discounts, new products, company news, account changes, and many other things. Building up an email list and keeping the owners of the list engaged through effective marketing is highly beneficial for most companies.

Email marketing is so far concerned as the most effective lead generation tool that converts viewing customers into buyers. Emails provide a way for people to connect with brands right from their inbox and feel special as loyal customers of the brand.

Why Is It Extremely Effective?

The thumb rule in advertising is that a person who views a brand name more than seven times will feel connected to it. Expert email marketing which promotes really useful offers nearly twice a week to the customers, often converts the viewers into leads within a month.

There are several reasons why email marketing is more effective in 2021 than Facebook and Twitter. Email newsletters can be vivid and allow the brand to tell a story.

Brands showcase their visually aesthetic content to please target customers at a low cost. It is much more affordable than running ads or using video campaigns. Email newsletters templates offer more space to showcase excellent design, a captivating heading and attractive content compared to small Instagram posts, Facebook ads or tweets.

Newsletters can be as long as the brand decides them to be and they have plenty of space to showcase eye-catching visuals which kindle the customer to know more. Huge social media posts are often rejected or skipped without reading while email newsletters have 17% more chance of being viewed fully or scrolled till the end compared to ads and instagram posts.

Doyens of email marketing have perfected email templates with great structure. These templates are easy to scan at one look, have a clean, aesthetically pleasing design and pass on the message clearly. Whether the newsletter is intended to make a person purchase a product or make them follow the brand on social media, color-coded partitions with a clear call to action make the users perform the action easily and effectively.

Email Marketing Trends Of 2021

Minimalism: Minimalist blocks with subtle colors to highlight key information. This model email newsletter template has plenty of space for images and icons, rather than huge written headlines.

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile optimized email newsletters, custom made for smartphones, rules 2021. It is important to keep the email design and colour consistent when the email is accessed on the mobile or through the desktop.

Responsive Elements: Responsive elements in email newsletters like “spin the wheel”, quizzes or calculators are used extensively in modern email newsletters.

Personalized Emails: Hyper-personalization is the buzzword of modern email newsletters. Wishing the customer birthday by addressing them by their name, asking them for feedback on the previous product they purchased or gathering feedback about an article they read and directing them to more similar items – all come under personalization.

Social Integration: Every brand displays an array of social media icons in their email newsletters, enabling the customers to follow them and keep in touch with them easily. Several brands award impressive posts by customers labeling them as “post of the week/month.” Brands do everything to increase customer engagement on social media.

Animations: Static emails are nearly out of trend. CSS animations, GIFs and simple yet attractive animations to convey messages in the newsletters is the latest trend. The animations must be theme-based and convey the message at first look. For example, Halloween or Christmas themes, food borders, musical instrument backgrounds, discount pop-ups with money image, etc.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Using testimonials from customers directly is out of fashion in 2021. The testimonials are used in versatile ways instead of printing the customers’ entire review. Only testimonial snippets are used effectively in advertising.
  • Using animations and a burst of colors is highly important to attract customers. But, ensure they do not slow down the newsletter opening time. The colour code used should be consistent in mobile, laptop, company websites, blogs and ads.
  • Give high importance to using selected and minimal words in brand storytelling as it is important for mobile optimization. Use AI or expert copywriters who can deliver the message in a short and sharp way suitable for mobile browsing. Avoid using too many words and unnecessary descriptions as the user will scroll through them or skip the newsletter.

Success Secrets

  • Do not stick with a particular template or design always. Change the look of your email newsletter every two months. Stick to the trend, create new trends and kindle nostalgia by using old designs once in a while.
  • Introduce email campaigns, special promotions and referral bonuses for customers who are actively following the brand online. Making the customer feel special and wanted by the brand is the key to selling through emails in 2021.
  • Always have a clear call to action in several places throughout the email newsletter. Appeal to the customers’ social responsibility, showcase your CSR and use emails to make them feel compelled to contribute to the society by making a purchase.
  • Keep your email list updated and never stop expanding it. Use Nuwber to find necessary contact details to add to your list. As long as you create valuable and engaging content, your emails will attract new clients and please the ones you already have. Also, if your emails are informative, they will not be marked as spam by receivers.


Email marketing is still very much alive and thriving with new design trends, including more responsive elements and animations. Use the emails effectively to get new customers, engage with current customers and create sales through them using the expert tips given above.

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