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The Role of Email Automation for eCommerce

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Perhaps you have been spending some time wondering if email marketing really does play a vital role in regard to ecommerce.

We will present some key insights regarding how email marketing does indeed play an integral role as a valid form of web marketing for your online stores.

Sole guaranteed method of marketing

Email marketing is regarded as being the sole method of web marketing on the internet that is truly guaranteed.

This is a strong reality, due to the fact that there is no guarantee that the various messages that you send to market the products and services of your online stores will be shown to the many people who are on social media these days.

But when you use email marketing, your messages will be directly sent to their email inbox.

That is why email marketing is truly essential and valuable as a marketing avenue in the world of ecommerce at this present time.

Highly effective in reaching people

It is normal for you to desire for your marketing efforts to gain the attention of as many new potential customers as well as our existing customers as possible.

Email marketing tends to provide a high level of efficiency in reaching many of your new potential customers as well as in reaching your existing ones.

The research indicates that the email that you send to your customers will have a reach rate of about seventy-nine percent.

Some research indicates that the reach rate is even regarded as being higher at ninety percent.

It is noted that it is typical for the open rate for the emails that you send to your new potential customers as well as those who are already your loyal customers to be usually over thirty percent.

Then it is interesting to realize that a little over four percent of people who open your emails will likely purchase what you have to offer in regard to your services and products.

This is more than the rate that is derived from the usage of search engines, which is less than two and a half percent of people purchasing products or services.

Keeps costs down

Marketing can be expensive, which can be a hard issue to deal with if you happen to be on a rather tight budget. But the good news is that email marketing is rather inexpensive.

You really get a good return on your investment when you use email marketing as a result of it being so effective.

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It usually will cost about a penny or even less in order to send an email to those who are on your marketing list.

Email marketing is regarded as providing the highest level of ROI than many other types of marketing.

The research indicates that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you will usually make a profit of forty-four dollars.

Customers desire email

When people decide to sign up to be placed on your email list, this is due to the fact that they truly do have a desire to hear about what products and services you have to offer.

The research indicates that email tends to be the preference of sixty-one percent of consumers in regard to the way that businesses communicate with them.

Ninety percent of people look forward to getting emails that are promotional from the businesses that they are loyal to.

The list belongs to you

When you are using social media platforms to build a following of customers who are interested in your products and services, there is the reality of a high level of risk.

This is due to the fact that you must follow the rules of the ones who own the social media platforms. The social media platforms could unexpectedly shut down your site.

Or the social media platform could completely close is business.

Also, there is the frequent occurrence that the algorithm changes so quickly that this results in your posts reaching only a small number of people in comparison to the larger number of people they once reached.

But when you are careful to implement the usage of email marketing, there is a much lower level of risk involved.

The list of subscribers belongs to you. You can do with it what you desire and you can implement the usage of this list if you move to various platforms. Your message will still get to those subscribers.

This means that you will not lose access to engaging with your subscribers when algorithms experience changes or if there is the closing of a social media platform. Also, if a social media platform shuts down your site, you will still have access to communicating with your subscribers.

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