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Making your brand stand out with graphic design

Branding is one of the most critical aspects of a business. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors. Most importantly, people use branding to identify themselves with the companies they want to support.

As important as it is, branding is a very complex concept. How does one stand out when there are possibly thousands of businesses out there that are doing the same?

If you’re a business owner, graphic design is the best way to establish your branding. With this helpful guide, you can set up effective branding.

Get To Know Your Audience Better

This is the most important step with regard to creating brand identity. Keep in mind that to create a good brand, you must first know who you’re catering to.

The best way to define your target audience is by answering these questions:

  • Who do you cater to (gender, age, economic status, location)?
  • How much do they earn?
  • How much are they willing to spend on products?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • How do they communicate?
  • Which online platforms do they use?
  • What companies does your target audience support?

Create A Logo

Once you’ve determined the people that you cater to, the next best step is to create your company’s logo. A good logo will help people recognize the business in just one look.

Take a look at Apple’s logo for instance. Once people see that simple icon stamped on a product, they already know what to expect from it. A good logo features a few important elements.

First, you’ll need to pick what type of logo you want to create.

  • Monogram – A logo made out of texts and it relies heavily on font choice for effectiveness. A good example of a brand that relies on this type of logo is KFC.
  • Mascot – This uses a specific character to represent the brand. One of the most popular mascot logos is Geico’s lizard.
  • Pictorial – This refers to logos made of pictures representing the brand. Take Footlocker, for instance. The logo is of a referee, and the brand sells sporting goods.
  • Hybrid – In most cases, businesses use a mix of logo types. This gives you more freedom to design your logo as you please.

Next up, you must pick a great logo color scheme. With this, you need to take extra time as this color will represent your company.

The most popular colors used by the top brands are Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These colors are eye-catching, and they invoke good emotions too.

Logos need to be simple. You don’t need to go over the top. If you haven’t noticed yet, brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and many more, have logos so easily, you can recreate them by hand.

Choose Your Typography

This applies to your website or online platform if you plan on having one. Believe it or not, the font you choose for your website will tell your target audience a lot about your business.


Take a look at these two samples:

The most trusted family attorneys in the bay area.

The most trusted family attorneys in the bay area.

It doesn’t take a second look to see which of the two lines better fits a legal practice’s branding. Ultimately, you want your font to represent the image you want to convey. If you’re a professional brand, fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, and Merriweather work well.

 If you want something more friendly or casual, go for Arial, Calibri, or Monserrat.

 Establishing your brand through graphics design may be complicated. Still, it’s something that all businesses have to go through if they want a shot at success. These tips above will help you understand what it means to make your brand recognizable through logos, colors, and fonts.

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