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Flaticon by Freepik Review

Flaticon by Freepik Review

Icons are a powerful tool to build the reputation of your business online in no time. If you are looking for a website that provides free high-quality vector icons to the users, Flaticon is the right choice. It is one of the excellent free resources on the web. It is a platform that you must use for your next web design project. There are more than 2 million customizable icons in 16 styles for site visitors. You can download them quickly and use them freely wherever you want. You can use Flaticon on the web, Android, or iOS devices.

With the Flaticon OS X app, customers do not need to open their web browser every time – just drag and drop or copy-paste the vector icon using the application and use it with your favorite apps. This platform has Adobe Extension. It let you import icons inside Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects easily. FlatIcon platform is used by many famous companies like Adobe, Awwards, Smashing Magazine, and Google.

A majority of icons are free to download, while others need a premium subscription. To use the free ones, you need to credit the author. Premium users do not need to credit the author every time they use any icon for commercial or personal use. To know how you can benefit from the platform, check out our Flaticon review.

About Flaticon

Flaticon is the byproduct of the Freepik, which specializes in offering incredible visual experiences to people worldwide. It holds the largest database of free customizable icons in all formats. Whether you need icons for apps, presentations, websites, infographics, or catalogs, you will find here all under one roof. This lets you save time and prevent the hassle.

Important Details

  • Site – flaticon.com
  • Established Year – 2013
  • HQ Location – Málaga, Andalucia, Spain
  • Twitter – Flaticon


  • Great user interface
  • Easy and fast download in diverse formats
  • Customization available
  • New icon packs are added every month
  • Linkshare license available for premium users

Flaticon Pricing Plans

Flaticon offers two plans- free and premium. The free plan will restrict the icon downloads per day. The non-registered users can download 10 icons per day and build one collection.

The registered members get 50 icons for every three collections. The daily download is 100 icons. But if you are a premium Flaticon member, you can download more than 2000 icons per day. You will be offered the license for each icon you download.

If you are a registered Flaticon user, you will see your downloads left by clicking the Profile icon and then heading to downloads countdown. If you are a registered Flaticon user, you will see your downloads left by clicking the Profile icon and then heading to downloads countdown. To know more pricing, go to https://www.flaticon.com/pricing

Flaticon Affiliate Program

You can also take benefit of the Flaticon affiliate program and get 15% on every purchase. There is a cookie length for one month. To know more, go to https://www.flaticon.com/affiliates

Pros and Con

Below is the list of Flaticon advantages and disadvantages:


Big Library of Icons

Flaticon is the one-stop-shop for all your icon and simple graphic needs. Its library offers many icons – from Computers to pets in diverse styles – black, flat, color, lineal, fill, etc.


Searching individual icons can be painful; Flaticon offers Icon packs (a group of icons) for you. Downloading the whole pack makes it easy for you to find associated icons from the same author in one place, which is really a time saver. Remember, packs have been made for particular situations or themes and contain related icons.

Easy-to-Use Platform

As compared to other icon download sites, which need plenty of steps to download icons, the Flaticon platform is easy to use. It features a user-friendly search engine that lets you locate icons. This even allows novices to use the site effectively.

You simply need to find the icons using the search box, click it, match them to your project and pick the size and format. The icon gets download instantly.

Remember, you can also browse the icons in diverse categories if you are unsure what you need. There are around 61 categories that you can pick. If you want, you can even narrow your option by making a list of your favorite picks.

Gorgeously Built Icons

All of the icons look beautiful and clean. It will fit your project seamlessly. Its use allows your website or content to communicate with your visitors effectively. The platform offers flat icons rather than bulky 3D designs. Flat icons are those that use a mixture of flat colors for better highlighting and shadows.

Download in Any Format

After the customers have found the right icons for their project, they can download the icons in the format they desire – PNG, SVG, PSD, Base 64, and EPS. This means you do not need to settle for one format.

You can also save them to their collections for later use. If you choose PNG format, you need to set the icon size and color. For the remaining formats, you don’t need to do that because they are scalable.

Customize the Icons

You can alter every icon’s color, width, and size according to your needs before downloading it. Flaticon possesses an in-built editor that lets you make changes to the icons’ look the way you want. Register today to enjoy your customized icons.

A Free Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Flaticon also features a free-of-cost Photoshop plugin. It will help you search and use icons without leaving Photoshop.

Pattern Maker

It also has a free pattern creator that allows you to use icons to make the most complex patterns within few minutes.

Google Workspace Extension

Make your documents stand out by adding icons to your Google workspace applications such as Slides, Docs, and Sheets easily and free of charge. Simply search, edit and insert the required icons with a single click.

Font-Face Generator

Flaticon also has another cool feature – a font-face generator. You need to upload the font you need, and then it will create a full font face package. All the converted fonts are ready to use and have full compatibility.

Become a Contributor

Customers can also become a Flaticon contributor and sell their best icon packs on the platform to earn money from premium icons. The income from the premium license gets distributed evenly among the designers. More than 500 designers trust the platform.


Limited Amount of Downloads Per Day on Free Account

Non-premium users can only download a certain amount of icons per day. If you are looking to access all the resources to complete a project, you have to wait until the next day comes or upgrade to premium. Your premium subscription will unlock a huge number of premium icons and your daily download limit will also increase.

Insurance-Related Icons Hard to Find

It can be challenging to find icons associated with a certain niche like insurance products, etc.

Terrible Refund Policy

Flaticon has 30 days refund policy, but you can only get a refund if you do not use the services within that time.


How Will I Know that it’s a Premium Icon?

You will notice a crown sign below the premium icons.

Can I Cancel My Premium Subscription Easily?

Yes. You can cancel your premium subscription whenever you want.

Who Can Use Flaticon?

The ideal users for Flaticon include:

  • Designers
  • Icon lovers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Everyone who is using Google Workspace

Is Premium Subscription Gets Renewed Automatically Every Month?

Yes. Subscription will get renewed automatically unless you cancel it. To cancel the automatic renewal, click on the cancel button. You will find it in your user’s profile under the subscription section.

What Are the Best Flaticon Alternatives?

  • Iconfinder
  • Freepik
  • Vecteezy
  • The Noun Project
  • Pngtree

What Benefits Does the Premium Users Get at Flaticon?

A premium subscription offers customers full licensing rights along with other perks. Below are the benefits that you will get as a Flaticon premium user:

  • Get access to all the icons and ready-made icon packs
  • Build unlimited icon collections.
  • Download limit hiked to 2000 icons per day.
  • No need for attribution when using Flaticon resources.
  • No advertisements will be shown while navigating the site.
  • Customer support 24*7


Icons make a great first impression of a website or application interface. However, it takes plenty of money and time to create it from scratch. If you need icons for the project you are working on, Flaticon is an awesome place.

All the icons available on Flaticon are professionally made by expert designers. They provide the spiciness that customers need. The platform is also easy to use. You will easily search the database for what you are looking for by pack, author, keyword, category, and most popular. Moreover, you can become the author of icons or enjoy the icons that others have made.

If you want to utilize a web font rather than static files, Flaticon also offers that. It will help you generate a ready to use web font for you. 750000 users are already taking advantage of Flaticon. I’ve been using Flaticon for two years now and loved it. Visit the Flaticon site today to give it a try.

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