How to Transform a Website for the Christmas Holiday Season

17 November 2021
How to Transform a Website for the Christmas Holiday Season

Lavish Christmas window displays start appearing in storefront windows around late October and early November. And by the end of November, you can expect to see Santa, snow, reindeer, and Christmas trees pretty much everywhere. But this enthusiasm for Christmas isn’t purely about spreading Christmas joy. Christmas is good business for most types of companies.

Christmas window dressings entice shoppers inside a store. And, once inside, more Christmas decorations and some seasonal songs get shoppers in the mood for spending more, whether on gifts for family or treats for themselves.

So, dressing a store for Christmas is good business. But how do you do the same with a website? Well, completely transforming an online store into a Christmas wonderland may be a tall order. But you can give a site a Christmas feel without having to resort to a significant site redesign. Here are some ideas on how to give any website a Christmassy feel for the holiday season.

The first thing you can do to give a site a Christmas feel is to swap your regular logo for a seasonal version. You could, for example, add a dusting of snow over your existing logo. Or intertwine some holy leaves around the letters of your website name. Another way to create a Christmas Logo is to temporarily change the colors to seasonal hues of red, green, white, and gold.

Add a Christmas Countdown

There’s nothing like knowing there are only a few shopping days left to get people to buy gifts. So, create a feeling of excitement and expectation by adding a Christmas countdown to your website. There are various festive countdown plugins and widgets available, and many of them are free. So, this is one Christmas uplift you can make on virtually any site without any coding at all.

Promote Seasonal Products If You Sell Them

If you sell items that could be purchased for gifts, place them in a prominent place on your homepage. One way to give seasonal items prominence is to include them in a carousel at the top of your home page. Even if your business does not sell traditional gift items, you could still benefit from the holiday season by offering special seasonal deals. And don’t forget to highlight your gift cards if you provide them.

Use Festive Colors

A temporary change of color scheme will give your website a festive feel. So, consider changing things like headlines to the traditional Christmas colors of green or red. Changing the color scheme is usually straightforward and achievable in the theme settings if you use a WordPress theme.

Add a Christmas Banner

The hero area of a website is the large banner at the very top of the site. And that space is the perfect place for a Christmas-themed banner. You can keep it simple with some Christmas lights or a Christmas tree. Or you could take it one step further with an animated Santa GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) flying across the top of the site. On the other hand, a simple Christmas greeting would suffice if you want to keep things low-key.

Place Christmas GIFs Here and There

There are thousands of free animated Christmas-themed GIFs available online that will brighten up a website at Christmas time. And inserting a GIF into any page of a website is straightforward. You could also place GIFs in sidebars. However, it is best not to get too carried away with this type of holiday uplift to a website. Too many embellishments can make a site look a bit cheap and be distracting for visitors.

Update Product Images

Store windows often place products in festive settings. The same effect can be achieved on a website with product images. You could add some Christmas motifs on an elementary level, such as a snowman, holly, or a Christmas tree, to one corner of existing product images. Or, if you have more time, you could create new product images using Christmas settings and themes.

Apply Seasonal CSS Styles

Another way to upgrade a site for Christmas is to apply some seasonal CSS styles. Once again, there are plenty of Christmas CSS code snippets available online, and many of them are free. Alternatively, a web developer will be able to write and implement some Xmas-style changes to your site. You could use CSS to create Christmas-themed call-to-action buttons, for example. Or you could add some Christmas CSS backgrounds to the site.

Switch Headlines to Christmas Fonts

You can also add a Christmas favor to a website by using Christmas-themed fonts. Changing body text to Christmas fonts would probably be a bit overkill. Even so, headlines in Christmas fonts can look effective, especially on product pages. You can find Christmas fonts on sites like DaFont and 1001Fonts.

Add Festive Patterns

An extremely straightforward way to add some Christmas cheer to a website is to use a Christmas pattern vector as the background for site headers, footers, or sidebars. You can find plenty of free Christmas vectors on free image sites, like Freepik. And many of the patterns available are subtle and won’t distract people from the content on your site.

Less Can Be Best

Unless you sell Christmas gifts or other holiday-related items, it is best not to go overboard with a Christmas website transformation. One reason for not getting too carried away with your Xmas makeover is that some people don’t celebrate Christmas. And, often, it is the subtle changes that make the most impact anyway. Plus, don’t forget that you will need to put everything back to normal again in the New Year!


As you can see from the above, it’s not too tricky to add a Christmas feel to most websites. A few animated GIFs, a change of background, and perhaps some font changes will usually do the trick. But even these tiny changes can be effective and help get visitors to your site into the Christmas-happy holiday mood that can increase sales during the festive season.