Shutterstock Introduces “Creative Flow” Suite of AI Apps

7 October 2022
Shutterstock Introduces “Creative Flow” Suite of AI Apps

From a photo stock agency, Shutterstock is solidifying its pivot into an all-in-one creative solution with the introduction of its new Creative Flow suite of apps powered by artificial intelligence.

These tools are meant to enhance and simplify every step of your creative process, transforming ideas into achievements with the help of AI. Included in the suite are a trio of apps called Create, Predict, and Plan.

Create is a powerful photo editor and design toolkit that comes with artist-made templates to kickstart your design. You can customize these with your texts or photos right from Shutterstock.

Among the tools of Create are professional photo editing effects to level up your images, a smart resizer that can instantly resize your designs to fit any social media or web platform, and a one-click background remover which is ideal for product shots.

Meanwhile, Predict fully leverages the power of AI and machine learning to analyze the weaknesses as well as strengths of each media asset in relation to your requirements. In short, the app advises you if a certain piece of content will perform well.

What it means is you don’t waste time and money buying assets that will not succeed with your audience, giving you more confidence in your choices. Predict is reinforced by billions of data points sourced from thousands of advertisers and brands.

Lastly, the Plan app lets you streamline content planning with an intelligent calendar built for creators. It allows simple scheduling of topics on a centralized calendar that can be automatically shared with your team for easy collaboration.

All the apps are connected with your Shutterstock account, allowing you to have one place for all your design projects and media assets. You’ll be able to easily pull up the resources you need like images, music, video editorial content, and more from Shutterstock or other sources.

The Creative Flow suite is available for a monthly subscription of $12.99 or a full-year payment of $119. A free trial is available that gives you one month of free access to the complete set of apps.