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Tips on How to Build a Website with Wix

Tips on How to Build a Website with Wix

Owning a professional website for your business is crucial for its success. With a website, you can display the quality of your products or services. It can also be an effective marketing tool, an excellent way to communicate with your customers or clients and show off your brand. If you want to have all these capabilities, then you should start building a website with Wix.

In this article, we have put together information on how you can maximize Wix for website building. We will walk you through all the details and technicalities when it comes to building your website. Additionally, you will also learn about how to market your brand through efficient website building.

Building A Professional Website in Wix

Use an Effective Branding Strategy

The first step in creating a website is to plan a detailed strategy on how you want it to look. Before you start creating your website, you should already have an idea of who your website is for and its purpose. Also, make sure that you follow these targets:

  • Identify your audience – It is very important to know who your audience. This will help you tailor the contents of your website and make it relevant to your audiences. Each crowd of people will have different tastes when it comes to how you present your website. For example, if your target audience is kids then you should have eye-popping colors in the majority of your content. On the other hand, you should use simple colors if you are targeting professionals. Otherwise, your visitors may lose interest in your website.
  • Know Your Competitors – Before you start building a website with Wix, do some research about your competitors. Know their strengths and weaknesses and take advantage on that information to plan on how you can do better.
  • Own the Identity of Your Brand –Your audience should gain a strong and lasting impression when they visit your website. Think of three words that would describe your website and let your audience see that through your website’s personality and unique style.
  • Prepare Contents for Your Website – All your contents should be ready before you start building your website. Contents such as your brand’s logo, videos, slogans, images and other materials should be ready to avoid delays in your website’s launch. Make sure to be unique and that your contents represent your brand’s identity. With Wix, it’s easier for you to create your logo with their customizable templates.

Choose the Appropriate Design

From selecting the perfect color scheme to the layout of your website, the overall look and feel should represent your brand’s image.

  • Select a Template for Your Website – A website template serves as a foundation for your website. Wix offers a wide array of options of website templates created by professionals. Whether you are building a website for your online store or just a personal blog, Wix is sure to have the best template for your needs. Selecting the template yourself will help with the personalization of your website. Your target audience will feel more confident in using your website when they feel that it’s personalized for them.
  • Customize Your Selected Template – Once you have selected the perfect template for your website, it is now time to make it your very own. You can start to add all your contents such as your logo, images, videos and other contents. You can then refine the template to better suit your brand by tweaking the color schemes, fonts and more. To add more flavor to your website, you can add animations or background videos and parallax scrolling to add a sense of depth.

Make it User-Friendly

Aside from making your website look good, user experience should also be at the forefront of your website. Having a beautiful looking website does not equate to a great user experience. Here are the most important elements to look out for if you want to give a positive user experience for your visitors:

  • Easy Navigation Flow – For smooth navigation in your website, your structure should be clear, upfront and intuitive. The visitors of your website should be able to easily navigate to different pages using the links on your website.
  • Have a Hierarchy on Your Content – Having a content hierarchy will funnel your visitor’s attention to the most important part of your website. When you plan out the layout of your website, make sure to make the most important aspect of your website standout. You may make it noticeable by emphasizing its elements through their placement, color and size of the content. As an example, if you want your audience to sign up for your newsletter, then make sure that the “link” or “button” stands out on your website.
  • Make Your Fonts Readable – There is no point to have a flashy website if your audience can barely see your written contents. When it comes to readability, it is important to use clear fonts that will work well with the colors of your background. With Wix, you have a lot of customizable fonts to choose from. You may also customize the size and style of your fonts to fit your needs.

How to Make Your Website Professionally Appealing

Aside from making your website the face of your brand or business, you should also consider adding value to your website. Depending on what your business offers, you can also include extra features on your website. To make your website more appealing, you may include the following services that Wix also offers:

  • Wix Stores – If you want an easy way to create and manage your online store, then Wix Stores is the perfect way to start. Wix Stores features advance marketing tools, several sales channels and secure online payments. You can choose from a wide selection of design features that will help you present your products to your clients.
  • Wix Music – If you’re a musician and want to promote your music online, then you should consider using Wix Music. With Wix Music, your audience can buy your music directly from your website and earn 100% of the profits.
  • Wix Bookings – Schedule bookings and take payments on your websites with Wix Bookings. You may also manage your schedules efficiently and highlight the services of your business.

Engage with Your Visitors

Attracting visitors and keeping them engaged with your website may one of the challenges one may face after launching a website. To keep your visitors engaged after launching your website, you can reach out to them by doing the following:

  • Send Out Newsletters – Sending out newsletters will let you keep in touch with your visitors. You can send updates about your products or services or even send out discount codes. In this way, your visitors will be notified about promotions that are going on in your business. Create effective campaigns using Wix’s email marketing solution. Wix offers automated marketing tools, customizable layouts and easy to track stats for your website and a lot more.
  • Stay Connected Through Social Media – Invite your visitors to connect with you by following you on social media platforms. Wix’s Social Apps lets you integrate some of the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. into one social widget. You can embed this widget to your website and start socializing with your visitors.
  • Post Blogs About Your Products or Services – There are a lot of advantages to having a blog on your website. Aside from attracting visitors, you may also monetize your blog if you put the time and effort into learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

According to statistics, 52% of web page views are from mobile devices. This may not come as a surprise to most internet users as mobile devices are readily accessible to most people. Additionally, Google implements a mobile-first indexing. This means mobile versions of websites are used for ranking and indexing. Your desktop designed website will automatically be converted into a mobile-friendly site. You can then modify the design and layout of your website to polish it for mobile devices.


Wix is considered to be one of the best website builders available today. They offer an intuitive functionality that lets you simply drag and drop contents on your website and have it launched in just a few minutes. Aside from functionality, Wix does not lock its users to long term contracts, unlike its competitors. They have plans that cost as low as $5 per month and you can freely cancel it anytime you feel it’s not working.

With Wix, you are guaranteed a professional support system in case you encounter any technical difficulties. You can easily contact Wix’s service department through direct phone and email. Possible solutions for any technical issues may also be available in their FAQ section.

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