SaaS Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

You will find below the best SaaS website design ideas to inspire you. If you are looking for UX design ideas and trends to build your next SaaS website or app, you are at the right place. We showcased many website design ideas for the SaaS topic.

About our SaaS Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

Whether you’re launching a new SaaS platform or looking to undergo a rebrand of an existing website, SaaS is an exciting industry to be a part of. At the same time, it can be hugely competitive. Depending on what your SaaS platform offers, you could find yourself with dozens of competitors. Due to the competitive and fast-evolving nature of the SaaS industry, you will often find yourself trying to promote your service on the basis of a single unique selling point or simply because you’re cheaper than an almost identical service.

In such a challenging environment, it’s vital you have a website design that will make your brand stand out and help you attract as many subscribers as possible.

Choose from our SaaS website design ideas to put your business on the path to more subscriptions and growth!

Why choose an SaaS website design?

In such a competitive industry, you can’t afford to spend too much time or money on experimenting with different types of website design. Thankfully, you don’t have to! With our SaaS website designs, you can get inspiration from existing SaaS websites trends that we know are successful. All you need to do is adapt the design for your own SaaS platform, and you’re ready to go!

Selling SaaS is different to selling a physical product or consultancy services, too. As such, you need to incorporate different elements in your design, and probably need to think about how you present things like price tiers, too. Opting for an SaaS website design means you’re working with a layout already setup to deliver these things, taking the guesswork out of how you should present your offer when all you want to do is grow your subscriber base.

What type of SaaS website design should I choose?

It depends on what type of SaaS platform you’ve built. How you present a SaaS platform to help businesses with marketing will be much different to how you present an SaaS platform for accounting or recruitment. On top of this, if you’re selling B2B or B2C will also dictate how you approach your design.

When choosing a modern SaaS website design, think about your product and things like buyer personas, then choose a design and adapt it to fit your needs.

Why do a lot of SaaS website designs look similar?

Because that’s what works! The familiar layout of many SaaS websites, with the call to action for a free trial or to sign up at the top, with an image of the product in the middle, uses what is known as Z-shaped design. This follows the letter Z, which is also the pattern our eyes intuitively follow when we visit a website that sells products, as opposed to a site like a blog or news platform.

Why choose another type of design when you know what works?!

Should I avoid anything when choosing SaaS website design?

Although you’ll want to adapt your SaaS website design idea for your business and brand identity, you should try and avoid going too far away from designs that you know work. Start with an existing design, and if you’re still struggling to build your subscriber numbers, you can start making adaptations from there!

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