3 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

8 April 2022
3 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Web design is one factor that impacts how your potential customers perceive your brand. When done right, a good web design can keep leads on your page and eventually have them respond positively to your call to action. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save money, many small business owners DIY their websites without proper knowledge of web design principles. This practice leads to websites that are less than ideal. Here are the most common website mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Prioritize Intuitive Navigation & Accessibility

Before you dive into making a website, you must start by brainstorming, site mapping, and wireframing your website. Skipping this essential step is the root of most web design mistakes. For instance, without proper planning, you will end up having a poorly configured menu and navigation layout. Unfortunately, this mistake alone is enough to drive potential customers away from your website. This is because people find it very difficult and annoying to navigate and scroll through randomly structured websites.

Moreover, it is also essential to understand that navigation is not the same for every device. This means you must consider how people will interact with your navigation on mobile phones, tablets, and PC. For instance, most designers use a hamburger menu strategy on mobile phones because it works great for smaller screens.

Poor Use of Content and Whitespace

This is another common web design mistake that you must avoid. Content is a crucial part of your website as it tells readers about your brand and the services your offer. Therefore, you must take time to consider how text, videos, and images are laid out on your pages. One of the first things you will need to do is select a good font. You must avoid picking fonts that make it difficult for visitors to read your content. Ideally, the typeface your choose should be eligible and attractive.

Apart from selecting an attractive font, you must also make good use of the white space on your website pages. This will make large blocks of text less intimidating. An excellent way to do this would be to break up text where you can. You must also utilize visual elements to represent concepts where possible. Designing your website like this will make it easy for visitors to find information and spend more time on your pages.

Failure to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

The majority of people nowadays are interacting with websites using mobile devices. As such, it’s crucial to prioritize mobile-friendly design. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose a lot of traffic. This is because mobile optimization is one of the factors considered by search engines when ranking websites. After all, even if your website came up first in search results, people will not stick around if it’s impossible to navigate it on a mobile phone.

So, before you go ahead and launch your website, you must know that more than half of your audience is expecting you to deliver a quality experience to their smartphones. Therefore, you must take time to ensure that you are able to meet and surpass their expectations. That way, you can keep this huge chunk of users engaged with your content and eventually turn them into paying customers.

These are some of the most common web design mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. If you are to benefit from your website, your users should be able to navigate quickly and interact with the content on your pages without getting bored or annoyed. This is why you must take time to think about how best you can package things on your website.