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4 Ways to Level Up Your Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts

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A good CRO plan could help you step up your website and improve your online visibility. It may sound like a fairly easy task to accomplish, but so many online marketers and business owners fail horribly when trying to maximize their online conversions. The main goal of CRO isn’t necessarily to increase sales or traffic per se, but to improve the ratio of visitors taking actions on your site versus those who don’t–it’s about making every visit count. An action could be signing up for a newsletter, or reserving a seat for an upcoming conference. For example, if your site only receives 1,000 visitors a month, your goal is to get as many of those visitors over the finish line to your desired action as possible.

Here are 5 ways to improve your CRO.

#1. Get mobile-friendly

Even in today’s super-mobile landscape, there are still businesses that don’t consider mobile-friendliness a high priority in their business. This can be a great way to ensure that you miss out on quality traffic, especially from social media referrals. The mobile version of your website should be easy to follow with clear CTAs (Calls-to-Action) and legible text.

Remember, online viewers are less patient than in-person consumers. They want information–fast. If your website takes a long time to upload on iPhones, Androids, and tablets, this could leave you with fewer mobile visitors, more abandoned carts, and less trackable visitor action. Creating a mobile-friendly version of your store or blog is definitely worth the time and investment.

#2. Having a solid lead funnel strategy

Quality visitor engagement essentially revolves around offering answers to 3 questions that prospects will have when they view your site.

  1. Do you sell what I need?
  2. Can I trust purchasing from you?
  3. What do I do next?

The first question is answered by making your offerings clear on your landing page or homepage. The second question represents potential barriers to your sale. Customers want to feel confident when purchasing your products (especially from your online store). Things such as social proof, guarantees/warranties, and FAQ sections can go a long way for removing these barriers. Finally, visitors need to know where to go to take action. Do your CTAs stand out from the rest of the text on your pages? Are they presented in multiple places?

Use analytics to uncover what pages your visitors click on the most and the least. Your webpages should follow a carefully-created flow to them that leads each visitor to your desired action. Once you perfect this, you’re bound to see an increase in action on your site.

#3. Focus more on branding

If your company or site is relatively new, spending time creating branded content and messaging is essential to your conversion rates. In order to earn the trust of online consumers who aren’t familiar with your company, products, and policies you simply must create a branded image that reflects dependability and quality–a good “brand story” can help with this. Every industry has competition, though some more than others. What separates the big seller from the low-selling brand isn’t necessarily the size of the company (none of them were built overnight), it’s that the bigger brand doesn’t have to convince their customers anymore. They’re still advertising of course, but they’ve crafted their brands so well that their products and services are now selling themselves.

Spend time creating a strategy that positions your brand as one that can be trusted and engaging, as doing so can help you in the long run.

#4. Start A Fire

Ever heard the expression “Where’s the fire?” When people say this, what they’re really saying is “What’s the rush?”. And when it comes to visitor engagement, it’s important to understand that visitors are often thinking this same thing. They aren’t always ready to buy from your site during their initial visit. This is why you have to create a sense of urgency (“the fire”) in order to get them to take action. This concept isn’t new in the world of sales, but its effectiveness is surprisingly (and often) taken for granted. Creating a sense of urgency can help you sell your products before they’re even available. You’ve seen this with Apple products, new cosmetic lines by celebrities, and even in SuperBowl ads.

In order to master this concept, you’ll need to create messaging speaking to the absolute necessity of and/or demand for your product. You can do this with social proof, research studies, contests, and free trials or pre-sales. If you can convince your prospects that your products are in demand but have limited stock, you’ve got a recipe for a hot-selling item.

CRO isn’t a complicated concept. However, finding which methods work best for your business can be. With the basics listed above and a plan for continuous monitoring, you’ll be off to a good start with your CRO efforts.


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