5 Popular Services Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Offer

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Online marketing moves quickly, with different platforms and promotional styles falling in and out of fashion. An online marketing agency needs to stay on top of trends, mastering the kinds of services clients will demand. While it is possible to specialize in one particular service, it can be risky if demand starts to fall. There are a number of services that the bulk of clients will want due to popularity and their ability to bring a positive ROI. The following services are the most popular, so an agency will want to develop effective processes that produce results across different types of businesses.


SEO has long been a service agencies have offered. Businesses are often aware of the need to rank in Google, but have no idea how to get started. SEO is also continually changing, so businesses need to work with people who are tracking and testing each new algorithm update. While SEO can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, it is possible to develop systems that will work for most websites. Local businesses can also see some quick results, helping to keep them satisfied with the work you are doing.

Influencer Marketing

Compared with most techniques, influencer marketing is relatively new. However, it is proving to be one of the most effective ways to reach targeted and enthusiastic audiences. Influencers have already done the hard work of building an audience and gaining their trust, so a business can leverage this with collaborations and sponsored posts. Of course, the business and influencer should be a good match, but there are many partners out there and an agency can make the connection.

Content Marketing

A piece of content that goes viral can radically improve the fortunes of a business. Content can be syndicated across the web, helping to build an audience and develop a brand. Even content that doesn’t have such a wide reach can still make its mark if the desired audience responds to it. Content marketing can be improved by analyzing an audience and seeing what has worked for others. An agency can provide this valuable service, creating the right content and helping to promote it.

Social Media Management

Running a number of different social media accounts can be a time-consuming process. Content needs to be created, each platform has different formatting requirements, and followers will be looking for responses. Unless a business is big enough to warrant employing specialized employees, it makes sense to have an agency run social media campaigns. An agency has the added benefit of being able to analyze results from a number of different businesses, so processes can be optimized for maximum success.

While the other services do not offer guarantees of traffic, paid advertising ensures people will visit a website. Most businesses will be looking for help with Google and Facebook ads, but there are numerous other opportunities like YouTube, Bing, and a number of retargeting platforms. Paid advertising can be hard to grasp and very costly, so many businesses would prefer an agency takes care of the process.

An effective online marketing plan needs to cover many bases. In the past, focusing on SEO or paid advertising was enough for many businesses, but competition has changed the required approach. Each individual element could produce results, but they will work best when combined into a cohesive marketing strategy. For example, content marketing helps with SEO, while paid advertising lets you quickly test landing pages that can be used across multiple channels. The best marketing agencies will create processes that integrate a number of services, ultimately leading to far greater visibility for each client.

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