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Articles Written with Artificial Intelligence – Articleforge.com Review

Articleforge.com Review

The right kind of content for any business plays a major role in today’s digitalized world. From websites to blog posts, content helps it grow online. It comes in handy to ensure that you rank high on google and get a pleasing appearance. Freelancers write content for you. But most of the time, it needs rectification and ends up taking a lot of time. If you want to speed up your content wiring process and get some quality content in 7 foreign languages, articleforge.com is the right option for you.

It is simple to use, reliable and creates fresh content with the help of Artificial intelligence. When you enter a keyword, Article Forge reads through articles on the internet in large numbers, just like any human would do. It does its complete research and then rewrites it in its own words using the information available to it. Article Forge also adds relevant links, Titles, videos, and images to your content to make it high-quality content.

There are different membership plans available for users, including a free trial. The following review will present to you its extraordinary features and benefits along with how it works.

About Articleforge.com

Article Forge is a web application founded in 2015 in Baltimore, the United States. It creates quality content virtually for its users with Artificial Intelligence. After five years of research, Alex Cardinell founded this web application to cut the cost and time taken to create hassle-free, plagiarism-free quality content that will also help the users rank high given they both use the same AI.

It provides content creation in 7 foreign languages and allows users to fully automate their SEO by scheduling the posts on word press sites. Several integrated tools engage in SEO automation, high ranking, efficient blog posting, etc. Articleforge.com is trained on a wide range of data. The AI writer has domain knowledge on every topic present virtually. 

Important Details

  • Site – https://www.articleforge.com/Established year- 2015
  • HQ Location – Baltimore, USA
  • Twitter – Article Forge
  • Facebook– Article Forge


Here are the superb features of Article Forge:

  • Automated Content creation
  • Content available in 7 foreign languages
  • Minimal payments
  • Hassle-free content in 60 seconds
  • SEO automation

Membership Plans

Let’s look at the pricing packages and their rates:

  • Free: Free trial for five days
  • Monthly Billing: $57/month
  • Yearly Billing: $27/month

How to Use articleforge.com?

This web application is easy and simple for anyone to use. Aarticleforge.com technology uses the same Artificial Intelligence that Google uses, meaning it also has high ranking ability.

It also provides a platform to automate your SEO using multiple integrations available. You can sign up and use the account to use the services being provided.

Step 1: Signing up

  • Open www.articleforge.com and click on the Start my free trial that you will find on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the plan for which you want to start the free trial (monthly/ annual)
  • Fill in your details asked for signing up.
  • Add payment details that you will use to pay the amount if you decide to continue after five days.
  • Head to your email and confirm your account
  • Once confirmed, you can log in directly from the Login page on the website.
  • Remember to cancel the membership if you do not wish to continue within five days of a free trial.
  • Use the services as mentioned.

Step 2: Enter Keyword

You need to enter keywords or any optional sub-keywords, using which it will generate the content. It is also recommended to use sub-keywords so that AI gets to know your intention behind it.

Always use keywords as you may search for them. Do not use jumbled keywords; it will result in wrong or not-so-good content being created.

Step 3: Wait for Your Article

It takes sixty seconds to create the content, hence solving the longer time durations humans take. After you receive your article, you can use it wherever you desire.

Customer Support

As we know, Article Forge is a web application that works as an AI content writer. Thus, there are very rare chances of users needing any support. The chances of there being a mistake in the contents so created is low.

But if still there is an issue with the content or if you need to apply for money back within 30 days, you may follow the steps given below;

  • When you visit www.articleforge.com, you will find the page Contact Us on the page’s top bar.
  • Click on Contact Us, and you will be redirected to a particular page.
  • You will see a dialogue box asking for details to fill in.
  • Fill in the details as required.
  • Be specific about the problem you face/ what you need help with.
  • Check the box that says, ‘I am not a robot, solve the puzzle.
  • Click on ‘Send Message

The support team from Article Forge will contact you as early as possible, take up the issue, and resolve it for you without causing any inconvenience.

Pros and Cons

Since 2015 Article Forge has made itself visible to varied users and earned quite a reputation. It was possible because of the features that it carries, the kind of support and flexibility it provides.

However, since we know ‘To err is human,’ Article Forge has some areas that need to be worked upon—simplifying them in the form of pros and cons for you to have an easier understanding.


  • Time Saver – The most important advantage of Article Forge is that it reduces the time taken for content creation by humans. Even if you need to recreate the content by changing the keywords or sub-keywords, it will still be completed earlier.
  • Automatic SEO Optimization – Article Forge adds videos, links, images, titles automatically as they seem relevant to the content. It is also integrated with WordAI, SEO Autopilot, RankerX, etc. It helps the users automate their SEO, get high ranking, and stay updated with where else they can post content. As it is also integrated with CyberSEO, you can schedule your article and publish them on WordPress sites.
  • Endless Article Creation – Regardless of the membership, you can create an unlimited number of articles. There is no limit to how many articles you can create using Article Forge in your membership plan.
  • No-Strings-Attached Money Back – Articleforge.com also provides 30 days of No-strings-attached money back. If you create less than ten articles and are not satisfied, you may contact them, and the amount is refunded to you.
  • 5-Days FREE Trial – It has a 5-day free trial option. You will not be charged for your membership if you cancel it within the free trial time.


  • Work in a Certain Word Limit – Article Forge has a word limit of 750 words for its articles. It will not create content surpassing this number in the content.
  • Lacks Cohesiveness – The articles lack a cohesive intro, body, summary progression. Few users also complain that there is no option to insert your links, images, or videos into the articles.
  • No Translation – You will not be able to translate the content created on Article Forge to other languages. It will only be available in the language that you use to create the content.


Why use articleforge.com?

It is well known that quality content plays an essential role in ranking high in google and other search engines. Article Forge uses Artificial Intelligence to create non-duplicate, plagiarism-free high-quality content that will help users to rank high in google, as they use the same AI.

It reads through millions of articles when a keyword is entered, giving you quality content across publish across various platforms.

Does it create relevant articles?

As it uses keywords and sub-keywords to create articles, the content is relevant. However, it largely depends on the keywords you are entering because it reads through existing articles available across the internet with those keywords.

Many times, the articles are unrelated to the keywords put in. In many cases, the articles start well but end with mixed information, majorly in product reviews. It reads through mixed responses from customers; hence using proper sub-keywords will help you get a relevant article.

Does Article Forge Scrape and Spin?

The tool claims to do no scraping and spinning. It has two deep learning models that work together to ensure the articles are unique, relevant, and high quality without needing any scraping or spinning. The deep learning models handle obscure topics, events, look for long tail keywords, and write just like a human would write.


In the age of digitalization, automated content creation tools are in high demand. The makers are also improving the tools for a better user experience and to provide the best possible services.

Article Forge uses AI to read through the available content related to the entered keyword. However, many times, the content created on it may not be related to what you have entered. The content is not wrong as it combines snippets from multiple related articles into one post. If the correct sub-keywords are used, you can get relatable content.

The problem lies somewhere with the algorithm, and it needs immediate improvement to add in the human touch that Article Forge Claims to have. The way it adds the videos, links, images, and titles is impressive but works only if Article Forge finds something suitable to add. It is recommended to use the five-day free trial option to see if it suits your content requirements.



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