Getting the Word Out for Your Online Business: 9 Ways Website Writing is Different

23 March 2021
Getting the Word Out for Your Online Business: 9 Ways Website Writing is Different

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you might think you have this writing thing down. After all, you wrote the business plan that got you funded, the brochures that brought you customers and the proposals that attracted the best partners.

9 Ways Website Writing is Different

You have indeed been successful in your business-related writing so far, but website writing is different. Now that your online business is up and running, you may need to tweak the way you work – or even hire an experienced freelancer to produce the mountains of online content you will be needing. Here are just nine of the ways website writing is different from what you may be used to.

Keywords are Key

If you want people to find your website, you need to know what they are looking for, and that is where keywords come in. Incorporating specific keywords into your website writing can make your site more visible, and that will be good for business.

Shorter is (Almost) Always Better

The internet is not the place for 1000-page novels, so practice brevity in your website writing. There are times when longer content is important, but for the most part short sentences and short paragraphs are best.

Get to the Point

Beating around the bush will not win your website any friends, so website writing should be clear, concise and to the point. Get to the point quickly to keep your customers coming in.

Focus on Readability

Online users are busy, and they want content that is simple and eminently readable. Focusing on readability is essential for online business owners.

Website Writing is Informal by Nature

Compared to other forms of writing, website writing is much less formal. The best online content feels like a conversation, so aim for that style as you craft your updates.

Leave Out the Serif

Studies have shown that sans serif fonts are more readable online, so choose your typeface with care.

Flexible Topics

Topical is fine, but website writing should be mostly evergreen. If your business is topical in nature, writing about current events will be par for the course, but for the most part website writing should be evergreen, able to stand the test of time no matter what else is happening in the world.

Feedback are Real Time

You can test the response immediately. When you write a novel, you have to wait for the sales to roll in to know how well (or poorly) you did, but website writing is different. From scanning the comments to analyzing the traffic, you can get immediate feedback on everything you have to say.

Commercial Market

While there are some notable exceptions, the vast majority of website writing has a commercial slant. Whether it is a how-to article designed to sell tools, advice on investing to encourage financial planning, or a pet related piece posted at an online pet supply store, the commercial nature of website writing cannot be ignored.

Our Final Summary

Surviving online has never been more challenging, but the profit potential has never been greater. With so many things moving online, from office work to buying 50 pound bags of dog food, now is a great time to set up shop on the internet, but when you do you may need to change the way you write.

Website writing can be a powerful force for online success, one that will drive traffic to your site, increase your conversion rates and ultimately boost your profits. Now that you know the many ways in which website writing is different, you can make the necessary changes and grab your own share of online success.