How to Find The Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Site

WordPress Theme

Finding a WordPress theme for your site much harder than simply choosing one that reflects your aesthetic. A clunky, unresponsive site can produce high bounce rates and poor speed can damage your SEO.

So how can you get that perfect balance? We look at how to choose the WordPress theme that is right for you.

WordPress Theme Functionality

Firstly, you need to decide what you want your site to do. Will it be a simple blog? Or will you need special functions such as a shopfront? Perhaps you need a mapping system and location facilities. Decide on these first.

When you have decided, browse the web and ask for advice. A host of free themes may be available that suit your needs. Paid themes can often be better built and have fewer bugs but there are many great, free options for various needs.

The Look of Your Theme

Luckily, many WordPress themes are geared toward customization so it is easy to get your choice of font, logo, and color scheme on any theme you choose. WordPress operates using plugins, and many of these can also help adapt a theme even further. 

Choose a theme that reflects your topic and aesthetic. Make sure it is easy to navigate and has the menu options that you require. Take into account the impression you want to give using color and font, as certain colors can influence reader and consumer behavior.

The Speed of Your Theme

Speed is paramount to your search engine optimization (SEO), meaning that a slower website will not get picked up by Google. Low speed can also mean a high bounce rate, which is essentially people leaving your site because it does not load quickly enough. This must be avoided at all costs.

Most themes can be sped up using a range of plugins, but these in turn can cause their own problems with your theme. Always opt for a choice that is lightweight and quick when choosing a WordPress theme. If in doubt run your URL through a free internet speed test.

Finally, check your web hosting plan. It could be that your server is slow and you may need to move to another provider.

Mobile Responsiveness

In recent years, the mobile phone has become more important than anything when designing a website. Most internet browsing is now done through mobile technology and this brings with it new rules on speed and screen sizes. It is vital you choose a theme that is mobile responsive and looks as good on a cellphone as it does on a desktop.

There are lots of websites that can actually let you check the front end of your theme on various mobile phones. This is an extremely useful tool as Android and IOS often have different rules about what they will and will not load, especially regarding images. 

The Final Choice

Above all, you need your WordPress theme to look unique. Make sure it reflects you and your company aesthetic. If you are having trouble finding a theme we are always here to help. Try browsing our selection of striking, unique WordPress themes on our site.

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