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Outgrow Review: Details, Analysis, Pricing & Features

Outgrow Review: Details, Analysis, Pricing & Features

Whether you run your own online business or you’re a marketing agency or freelancer working on client websites, lead generation can be tough. You can invest hours of your time, and a substantial financial sum, into designing and deploying landing pages, specific advertising campaigns across multiple channels, and many more initiatives with the aim of acquiring leads and building a sales funnel.

Once you have set those campaigns up, you then spend further time and money analyzing what’s happening and optimizing for success.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your lead generation tools in one place?

That’s where Outgrow comes in!

What is Outgrow?

Outgrow is a no-coding marketing tool that you can use to create a variety of interactive content types as a means of acquiring, engaging, and qualifying leads. Anyone can use Outgrow, and the brand’s user base features a diverse range of companies from SalesForce to Nike.

Having such a blue-chip portfolio of users doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a small start-up or even as an agency looking to boost your clients’ marketing return on investment. As we’ll explore now, Outgrow’s features and pricing make it a fantastic tool whatever you’re looking to use it for. From building conversion funnels to simply having a better way to engage your visitors and improve your return on investment, Outgrow has you covered!

Outgrow’s Features

Outgrow provides user a wide variety of design templates, pre-optimised for all types of devices. Once you have created your piece of content, you simply embed the code into your website. No technical knowledge is needed on your part, you can literally create anything you want using Outgrow’s visual editor, Outgrow gives you the code, and you just cut and paste it into your content management system.

Finding the ideal template for your website is easy, too. Outgrow allows you to search by industry, seek out trending templates, or look at specific content types, including:

  • Calculators
  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • User contests
  • Product giveaways
  • Chatbots
  • eCommerce recommendation engines

You have full creative control over what you create, you can upload files if you want to include specific images of products, for example, and it’s easy to make your Outgrow content match your branding, too!

Pros and Cons of Outgrow

What’s Great About Outgrow

  • The range of features available mean you can create almost anything you want in Outgrow, whether you’re looking for a more effective landing page or want your content to be immersive, interactive, and highly engaging.
  • The interactive content options that actually lead somewhere, enabling you to personalize what people see and give you a better chance of converting leads once they’re in your sales funnel. With Outgrow, you won’t just create interactive content for the sake of it, with no customer spend to show for it!
  • A huge selection of templates making it easy to get started creating engaging content for your audience. The templates by industry are particularly useful if you have little experience in marketing and are looking to grow your business from a standing start.
  • No-coding is one of the biggest benefits that all SaaS style platforms are pushing right now and Outgrow gets it absolutely right. That means you can create amazing looking content without needing any technical expertise yourself and can embed the code into your website without paying a developer to do it for you.
  • Outgrow’s support is excellent, from holding your hand as much as you need when you’re first getting started to being available with quick answers if you experience technical difficulties later on, Outgrow has a team you can rely on. That said, the platform is so good and so reliable that you shouldn’t need to contact them too much!
  • Embedding and integrations are other “must have” features on modern tech tools, and this is again somewhere Outgrow excels. If you’re using your Outgrow campaigns specifically for lead generation, you can use the answers to a quiz or poll, for example, to segment your customers and add them to the relevant lists so you can send them personalized content based on what they’ve told you.
  • A vast analytics suite helping you to fully understand the impact of your content and what you can do to make it perform even better.

What’s Not so Great About Outgrow

  • While the templates are amazing, the number of options available does make Outgrow quite a complicated platform to use. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want to do, you can easily spend hours going through different content styles and combinations of features to land on the right style for your website.


Outgrow’s plans are split into three types:

  • Freelancer
  • Startup and small business
  • Larger businesses and agencies

As of March 2021, Outgrow has a “COVID Offer,” which is essentially a freemium plan with basic features. Still, it allows you to create four different content pieces and acquire 1,200 leads throughout the year, so if you’re just getting started it is great value!

If you’re looking to create more content, you can expect to pay:

  • $14 or $25 per month for paid Freelancer plans if you pay annually, or $22 and $45 for a monthly subscription.
  • $55 per month for its “Startup Special” if you pay annually, or $85 for a monthly subscription. Outgrow’s pricing page states that “Only startups and small businesses can apply” for this offer.
  • $95 or $600 per month for larger plans offering unlimited content pieces if paying annually, or $115 and $720 for a monthly subscription. Although these plans are substantial, there is also the option to contact Outgrow for a custom quote if you need even more from your plan.

Should You Use Outgrow to Boost Your Marketing?

Only you know how your current lead generation campaigns are performing and what you need to do to make them better.
However, given the relatively low costs of an Outgrow subscription, and the vast range of features available on Outgrow plans, it’s got to be worth a try! Even for websites such as publishers that aren’t necessarily trying to collect leads, Outgrow’s features can help you increase metrics such as time on page and pages visited, ideal for boosting your advertising income!

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