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How to create a user-friendly eCommerce website


The internet has risen from that under-dog that no one really understood in the 19’s to the major profit-maker in this century. However, the extent that a business generates revenue from this modern-day tool is extremely anchored on its ability to keep users on their websites in a way that they derive optimum satisfaction for being there; such a website is termed to be a user-friendly one.

Ecommerce websites, in particular, need to be user-friendly because they facilitate online transactions of services and goods through the means of the transfer of funds and information over the internet. And since the attention span of an average website user is eight seconds, every website owner must ensure that their website is user-friendly enough so that they don’t lose the website visitor to another eCommerce platform.

There are definitely other eCommerce sites on the internet that offers exactly what you offer. As such, you should keep your page visitors by creating a user-friendly eCommerce website by doing the following:

1. Use a UX designer

UX is not all about aesthetics. It’s about getting meaningful results and gaining significant marker relevance.

Irrespective of your opinion, the fact is that the visual quality of cyberspace affects the perception and the behavior of visitors on your eCommerce platform.

UX designers analyze the entire process of the customer on your platform and develop concepts that can help you achieve your goals.

Involving a UX designer at the early stage of your e-commerce website can give you a significant leap ahead of your competitors. To know more about eCommerce UX design, read more in this article.

2. Have the customers’ choice as your central focus

Advising you to focus majorly on the demands of your customers may seem like a cheesy one. We all know that the purpose of every business is to meet the wants and needs of their customer, and your eCommerce website shouldn’t divulge from that purpose.

However, as predictable and commonsensical as this seems, most eCommerce business owners build their online store based on their own preferences without taking steps to factor in the needs of their targeted customers. It’s no surprise that many e-commerce businesses fail.

So what are the things e-commerce you can do as a website owner to ensure that customers’ preferences are factored in?

  • By occupying your eCommerce site with products or services that are trending within their target market
  • By using all payment gateways that are popular within your target customers
  • By having an easy-to-navigate website

3. Give all necessary information

Your eCommerce website should contain every necessary information that you think should matter to your users. Such information includes:

  • Returns Policy
  • Customer care contacts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • About US

You’ll have to update your online store if your website lacks all those things.

To further enhance the user-friendliness of your eCommerce site, you should ensure that your customers are acquainted with your websites’ Terms & Conditions and business policies, so they don’t feel cheated by any unfavorable decision.

4. Live Assistance

Do you have a live chat function on your eCommerce site? If your answer is no, then you should hire a web developer and get started now.

Why should you have Live Assistance?

  • It makes it easier for your customers to reach you
  • You can guide your customers through their decision-making process
  • It provides you with an avenue to interact with your customer and also helps you form a perfect customer-business relation that’ll benefit your business.

Most Live Assistance plugins are available at a nominal price or free; as such, it won’t cost you much to get one on your platform.

5. A website that’s mobile-friendly

Research has shown that over 50% of web browsers are doing so from their smartphones. By making sure that your e-commerce site is mobile responsive, you can capture a significant bulk of your target market.

ecommerce website

Some added benefits of having a responsive eCommerce website are:

  • Improved usability
  • Increase in sales
  • Faster loading webpages
  • Better search engine ranking

6. Hire reliable developers

Web design companies or web developers shouldn’t be hired for a one-time job. Instead, you should hire a web developer that will constantly make regular additions to your e-commerce platforms. This way, they’ll regularly make user-friendly additions that’ll help increase your sales.

Unlike what most business owners think, web development is not a one-time event but a never-ending one. Just like fashion or any other tech sector, new website features are released regularly, and implementing those features can help you get ahead of your competitors.

Numerous studies have shown that the majority of e-commerce businesses fail is a lack of proper websites. Thus, you should only hire developers that know the design elements that can help you increase sales.

In conclusion

Having a user-friendly eCommerce platform is important if you want an eCommerce website that’ll bring sales. As such, if you should go through every point in this article and apply them to your eCommerce platform to achieve your sales target.

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