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Why WordPress Isn’t Always the Best Option

Why WordPress Isn't Always the Best Option

As just about everyone knows, WordPress is a free content management system used by both businesses and personal users to build and manage websites. The system is relatively easy to use, stable, and reliable. And there are thousands of themes and plugins available that add functionality to websites and make the initial design of a site straightforward and hassle-free. So, the question is, why wouldn’t you use WordPress to build your new website? Here ten excellent reasons why you might want to consider not using WordPress for your next website development project.


The very fact that WordPress is so popular makes websites built on the platform a prime target for hackers to attack. And a WordPress site without a security plugin like Wordfence or Securi will be vulnerable to those attacks. Once hackers have found a vulnerability in one WordPress site, they can attack millions of sites. Any website can get targeted by hackers. However, a custom website is unique, so it will not be so appealing to most hackers.


Bespoke websites only contain the code they need to operate. However, WordPress is designed to cater to many different sites, so it has lots of code that some websites will never need or use. This unnecessary code can make WordPress sites slower than custom sites. A slow site degrades the user experience and harms search engine optimization.

Lack of Uniqueness

A business website is like the storefront of a brand. And, in today’s crowded internet, a brand needs to stand out to be successful. However, WordPress websites tend to all look the same because most people use off-the-shelf WordPress themes. Themes are great for getting a website launched quickly. But the most popular themes will have been used many times before, especially the free ones. It is almost impossible to get a unique look and feel if you use a WordPress theme as your website template.

Functionality Compromises

Plugins provide much of the advanced functionality on WordPress websites. Indeed, if you can think of something that you want your website to do, you will probably find a plugin somewhere to do the job for you. But plugins are written by third-party developers with their own ideas, a broad customer base, and their own development schedule. So, a plugin will probably only partially meet your functional requirements. The only way to guarantee a 100% fit to your specification is to have your website developed from the ground up.

Plugin and Theme Conflicts

As mentioned above, WordPress plugins and themes provide a straightforward way to develop a professional-looking website fast. However, each of these components of a WordPress website is designed by independent developers. And the core WordPress software is written by another team of community developers. With so many different people in the mix, software conflicts, which can cause your site to crash, are almost inevitable. Installing one plugin can compromise the operation of another, for example. And WordPress updates may not always be compatible with the theme or the plugins running your site.

Lack of Support

WordPress is open-source software, which makes it free to use. The software is developed and supported by a community rather than by an official development team. There is nothing inherently wrong with open-source software; indeed, there are many examples of excellent software apps that have been developed along these lines. However, open-source also means that there is no support line to call and no one to complain to should a WordPress update break your site. If you have a bespoke website developed, you have direct contact with the author of your site. So, you will get better support, and bugs that might only affect your site will be fixed. Plus, you have a proper customer-client relationship with your developer, so you know where to direct your complaints.

Difficulties with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing a WordPress site for the search engines can be more complex than it would be for a custom website. There are plugins that you can use to help with search engine optimization. However, you still need to understand the SEO failings of WordPress, and plugins have the potential for compatibility issues, as mentioned previously. If you opt for a bespoke website, every element of that site can be optimized for your keywords by the web developer. That focus on SEO will increase the chances of your website ranking highly in Google.

Not as Easy to Self-Manage as You Might Think

WordPress is often praised for being straightforward to use. And it is true that carrying out simple tasks, like posting new content, does not require any technical knowledge. However, once you have a few plugins installed and you customize the site, things can get a bit more challenging for a non-technical user. And, of course, if something goes wrong with a WordPress website, which can happen, you will need technical knowledge to fix the site. So, invariably, people often need to hire a web development company or freelancer to help them out with their WordPress site.

Too Many Variables in the Mix

Many of the above points come back to one single issue. A WordPress website contains elements coded and supported by many different people, many of whom have no direct relationship with each other or the website owner. The plugins, themes, and open-source nature of the core software make WordPress a cheap and relatively flexible website builder. However, a free plugin developer has no responsibility to ensure that their plugin is compatible with the theme or other plugins installed on a site. On the other hand, a bespoke website will be developed by one web developer or company, so compatibility of elements is assured. And, just as crucial, the customer has only one backside to kick if things go wrong!


It would be wrong to state that you should not use WordPress categorically. After all, there are an estimated 75 million WordPress websites in the world. All those people cannot have made and decision. However, it would be wise to consider some of the drawbacks of a WordPress website before following the crowd. A custom-built website will be unique to your brand, and you will be able to tailor the site to precisely match your needs. A professional web development company will also provide you with a one-stop-shop solution for development, support, and search engine optimization. It would be best, then, to do some research and thinking before you assume that WordPress is the only option.

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