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You will find below the best Grey website design ideas to inspire you. If you are looking for Web and UX design examples to build your next Grey website or app, you are at the right place. We showcased many website design ideas for the Grey topic.

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About our Grey Website Design Ideas, Inspirations & Examples

One of the best things about grey in website design is that it can be hugely impactful without you realizing that it’s there. Grey is subtle in a way that a brighter color isn’t. If you’re on a pink or bright yellow website, you remember that you were on a pink or bright yellow website! In contrast, you’ll remember a positive user experience from a grey website, but the fact it was grey probably won’t be the main reason you remember it!

However, choosing a grey website design can help you create a brilliant looking platform, especially if you’re looking to sell an experience or something aspirational. As such, a grey website design can work brilliantly for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses, but might work equally well for consultants, too! Grey can also be a great base color for an eCommerce website, if you have colorful products to sell that will stand out against the grey background!

Why choose a grey website design?

Grey lends itself brilliantly to a variety of different design styles. It looks professional and stylish if you’re looking for something minimalist, while it makes for easy contrasts if you’re looking to include other colors, even if the other colors are simply black and white!

Given the flexibility a grey design gives you, it’s a great color to use if you want to build your website but aren’t 100% sure of the direction you’re going to take. It will also allow you add your branding to your site fairly easily, as even a colorful logo or brand name will look great against a grey background.

What will a grey website say about your brand?

Overall, the answer to this will depend on the type of website you have and the messaging you include on your site to support your design. Assuming you use grey as the foundation color for your website, and then only use other shades of grey, and potentially white and black alongside it, then you’ll naturally end up with a clean, professional looking design, with those attributes reflecting on your brand, too.

What colors work well with grey?

You have many options when it comes to using additional colors within a grey website design. The best approach is perhaps to work solely with grey, but use different shades of grey for your text and navigation and to create contrasts across different sections of your pages.

The other natural choices are black and white. These can work particularly well if you need to create subtle color contrasts and can match up darker greys with black or lighter greys with white. If you want an out and out contrast, then opting for black and white rather than grey might be the smarter option.

Most other colors can work well with grey, but ensure you give some thought to how you use them, and how many different colors you try and use. Having a grey website design with subtle hints of red or blue can work amazingly and really drive engagement and conversions, but having too much color can take away the stylish, slick feeling you want a grey design to evoke.

This web page was recently updated on 22 Mar 2023 at 20:21

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