Restaurant Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

You will find below the best Restaurant website design ideas to inspire you. If you are looking for UX design ideas and trends to build your next Restaurant website or app, you are at the right place. We showcased many website design ideas for the Restaurant topic.

About our Restaurant Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

Having a restaurant is exciting but promoting it can be hugely challenging. The biggest challenge is perhaps how competitive the industry is. Yet, at the same time, this can be a blessing when it comes to restaurant website design. If you’re running an independent, standalone restaurant, then your restaurant is unlike any other. The features of your restaurant and the delicious food you create already make you stand out from the crowd. That’s true whether you offer a high-end fine dining experience or a simpler deli or take-out style of food.

Harness that uniqueness in your website, and you’ll have an online presence that stands alone and helps your restaurant stand out, too!

What do you want your restaurant website design to say about your brand and the food you serve?

What elements should I include in my restaurant website design?

When putting together a website for your restaurant, there’s potentially a lot of things you’ll need to include. One of the most important things to consider when thinking about web design in any niche is how you sell the product and use forms of social proof to engage website visitors.

As such, when it comes to the best restaurant website design, having pictures of both your restaurant, if diners can book a table or eat in, and your food, is essential. It doesn’t matter how tasty your menu sounds and how competitive you are on price, or at least it won’t if you’re not showing people the experience they’ll get for their money!

Try to include “real life” pictures, too. Granted, many people won’t be thrilled about being photographed while eating, but if you can include authentic pictures of satisfied diners and a full dining room on a Friday night, that goes a long way to inspiring people to want part of the action!

What colors should I focus on in my restaurant website design?

The best thing to do with an original restaurant website design is make people feel like they’re actually in your restaurant. Think about the McDonald’s website, for example. It’s a very clear extension of the brand and what you see if you go to pick up a Big Mac. If you have specific colors in your restaurant or use specific décor trends, try and include them in your design! One way to easily do this is to choose the best restaurant website design that relies heavily on photography, where you can use an image of your site as the background. All you then need to do is choose a layout that fits, and you’re ready to go!

Should I choose a restaurant website design specifically for mobile devices?

You should certainly focus on the user experience on mobile devices when choosing a creative restaurant website design. If you’re building a website for a restaurant that predominantly takes advance orders or short notice bookings, most of these will be done via a mobile device, so click the “Mobile” button at the top of the page to see what the best designs look like on mobile devices.

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