Todoist Review and Coupon Code

3 February 2022

Introducing Todoist

Organizing your day-to-day tasks is often a time-consuming job in itself. What if you could find an app to do it for you? Todoist is a task manager that will help you structure your day. Plus, the software comes with a range of features that will help improve productivity. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Todoist?

Todoist is an excellent way to take control of your workday. With a feature-packed platform, you can manage your productivity to perfection.

Ease of Use

Todoist is incredibly straightforward. The interface is contemporary. It’s easy to add tasks, track, and set deadlines. Additionally, it’s responsive to both mobile and desktop so that you can take your to-do list on the go. 

It has a two-column layout. The right column shows the tasks in lists and color codes. You can see all the information about each project and each team member’s assignment. The left column shows more filters for better accessibility of tasks. 

Todoist Features

Todoist boasts a range of features, including:

  • Multiple priorities
  • Notifications
  • Centralized team billing
  • Recurring dates
  • Track logins
  • Subprojects
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Easily add and remove users
  • Project templates
  • Intuitive dates
  • Share and collaborate
  • Reminders
  • Productivity visualization
  • Archive Search
  • Automatic backups


Todoist works well on various devices and platforms. You can access your to-do list on a Mac, Apple iOS, Android, and Windows systems. Plus, it works across all leading web browsers. 


The user interface is very accessible. The dashboard comes with many integrated productivity charts. Plus, with a premium account, Todoist will track your progress and create daily productivity reports. It also provides a score. You can set your organization a goal for how many tasks you complete. 

For instance, if you aim to do three tasks a day and complete them, your score will go up. The more productive days, the higher your score. Additionally, you can use vacation mode or tell Todoist only to count certain days of the week to maintain a work-life balance.

Enhanced Collaboration

Todoist allows easy collaboration. For example, users can communicate with each other while working on a task. Therefore, this saves time as employees don’t need to switch between platforms. Plus, collaborative tasks are more straightforward.

Offline Support

It doesn’t matter whether you are connected to the internet or not. Todoist works both offline and online. Accordingly, you can complete your work on the go. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Todoist?

There are many project management systems available on the market. Todoist isn’t perfect. 

Limited Free Version

If you’re looking for the most affordable or a free project manager, Todoist’s free version lacks advanced features. For example, you can only have five active projects and five collaborators per project. However, the premium version is only $3 a month, making it a very cost-effective solution. 

Who Should Use Todoist

With an accessible user interface, features for every business, and excellent collaboration, Todoist is the number one project management app.